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Customized Optical Tools for Military and Industry

The accuracy of custom telescopes, incline measurement tools, precision measuring instruments, and alignment systems can mean life or death in military applications. Poor equipment can translate to the failure of specific systems or whole operations in an industrial setting.

This is why partnering with a reputable manufacturer of optical instruments is crucial. Whether acquiring off-the-shelf tools or ordering custom-built equipment based on your designs.

What To Look For When Partnering With Manufacturer of Alignment and Precision Measuring Tools

If you need top-quality custom telescopes, laser alignment instruments, and other optical alignment tools, you must ensure you only contract with a reputable firm. Here are some things to look for in optical instrument manufacturers:

  1. Good Track Record

The art of designing and manufacturing precision instruments are not perfected overnight. It takes years of research and development, investing in advanced manufacturing equipment , retaining talented craftsmen, and working with  customers that demand only the best.

Do your due diligence and find out about the capabilities of your prospective manufacturer. Ask about previous clients they served and what instruments they produced for them.

  1. Ability To Customize Equipment

Precision measurement tools and alignment systems are not a one-size-fits-all affair. Your needs might be unique from the rest of the market. If this is the scenario, you need a reliable partner that can build custom optical equipment

Check if they have the right equipment in-house to build custom alignment tools or measuring instruments for your specific needs. Talk about how you expect your needs to evolve and see if they have a good network of partners or suppliers to help meet your demands.

  1. Aftersales

Manufacturing equipment for you is not enough. You have to partner with a company that can guarantee that they will be there in case there are issues in the future, for example, if the need to repair optical tools arises. Can they can perform NIST traceable calibration for you? Will they have a supply of parts in inventory? 

You need to ensure that you will have a direct line to their team in case you have questions about technology, features, and functions, among others. 

Common Optical Tooling Equipment 

Below are some of the most in-demand measurement and optical alignment tools today:

What Can Warren Knight Instrument Do For You?

Warren Knight Instrument has a team of experts in laser, electronic, and optical alignment systems. The company has a long history of working with government agencies and private companies that need surveying equipment and distance-measuring tools for various industrial, scientific, and military applications.

Warren Knight has a wide array of product offerings that have expanded since 1908. The company does not rest on its laurels. It strives to meet and exceed its client’s needs and expectations – whether for readily available equipment or instruments that need to be customized.

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