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Stands and Tripods a Surveyor Uses

Without land surveyors, it will be difficult to properly determine and document property boundaries. This is critical for identifying and protecting land ownership. Without approved boundaries, construction development sites will struggle to meet designer specifications and inspection protocols. 

Needless to say, surveyors perform essential tasks that, when not carried out properly, will have long-term repercussions. Surveyors are tasked to measure distances, angles, locate important land features, prepare maps, establish boundaries, and more. For them to accomplish their duties, they must have a roster of reliable, top-quality surveying equipment. Finding the best survey tripod for sale can be a challenging task if you don’t know where to look. 

Apart from safety gear and proper workwear, here are the different tools and devices that make up a professional land surveyor’s arsenal. Some of the most important tools of surveyors’ help ensure that their equipment is stable on a well-made surveying tripod. 

Mounts. Specialized mounts are used for surfaces where simple bipods or tripods wouldn’t suffice. Surveyors use accessories such as column mounts that provide a stable surface where you can install the instrumentation you need. 

Poles. Modern surveyor poles are made of carbon fiber materials and incorporate technology for easy operation. Such poles can prevent unnecessary movement and rotation. 

Bipods. When mapping, scanning, or surveying, bipods can be essential tools to support and keep equipment steady, especially when placed on uneven ground. They can support equipment such as theodolites, digital levels, slope lasers and more. 

Tripods. Without a tall survey tripod, mount, or pole, a land surveyor’s accuracy and precision can be compromised. These essential tools are needed to secure stable readings. 

Tips To Know When Buying Surveying Tripods

Tripods, mounts, and poles are designed to stabilize a wide variety of surveying equipment. They’re part of the foundation of a surveyor’s quality work. If these stabilizing tools aren’t of good quality or are maintained poorly, they can be the very cause of bad readings. 

This is why many land surveyors who are looking for a survey tripod for sale makes it a point to buy from qualified manufacturers of precision measuring instruments. One of the most important factors to consider is material. Aluminum tripods are popular because they’re durable yet lightweight and budget friendly. They’re also quicker to assemble and are versatile. Another go-to material is wood coated with a protective paint or plastic. They’re not only super stable — they can also withstand various weather conditions. The downside is that they’re heavier than their alumni counterparts. 

Apart from material choice which affects durability, weight, and even portability, land surveyors also pay attention to the tripod’s height. While most of their tasks can be performed with a regular tripod, some work demands taller ones. To address this, surveyors also invest in extra tall tripods. 

A tripods’ cost is also a determining factor. Though it shouldn’t be the sole deciding element, it plays a crucial role. 

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