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Metal Spinning Aluminum for Light Fixtures

The light fixtures in your home, serve more than just a practical function. They add to the aesthetic beauty and character of the home. A metal light fixture is more than just a shield to direct the focus of a light; it can be a work of art. This is particularly true when the fixture is produced via the process of aluminum spinning. Lighting fixtures such as wall sconces, pendants, and recessed lighting fixtures can all be produced by a metal spinning artesian, and when the spinning is done by hand, it elevates the manufacturing process to an art form.

What Is Metal Spinning?

Metal spinning is the process of changing the shape of a metal by spinning it on a lathe. However, it is different from more conventional methods of metal turning or wood turning in that the shaping process does not involve removing material. Rather, it is a process more analogous to shaping clay on a potter’s wheel. In aluminum spinning, the raw the metal, usually configured as a tube or disc, is placed on the lathe and shaped around a mold. This results in a new, rounded, symmetrical shape.

Why Is Aluminum Used?

Aluminum offers many advantages both for the metal spinner and the purchaser of the fixture. For the spinner, aluminum is a lightweight and malleable material that is one of the easiest metals to work with. For the purchaser, aluminum light fixtures are cost effective and durable due to aluminum’s resistance to corrosion. For both the spinner and the purchaser, the different alloys of aluminum offer different options to make each piece unique and distinctive. Aluminum spinning offers advantages over stainless steel or copper, both of which are more difficult for the spinner to work with and more expensive for the purchaser to buy. Certain aluminum alloys can mimic some of the properties of stainless steel for a much better price.

What Are the Different Metal Spinning Techniques?

In the past, metal spinning was only done manually. Nowadays it can also be performed via computer-assisted automation. A computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathe efficiently produces a more uniform thickness and is good for producing a larger quantity of components.The skill and craftsmanship is still required when using CNC controlled lathes although the automation does make things easier for the more novice metal spinner to do some of the projects asked of a custom metal spinning company. Each light fixture produced via aluminum spinning by hand is a unique masterpiece.

In a world where the warmth and homey comfort of incandescent lights are being replaced with more energy-efficient led lights, homeowners are looking for charming and unique lighting fixtures to keep each house feeling like a home. Metal spinning for light fixtures meets that need, and a custom metal spinning company is the best place to turn for unique aluminum spinning solutions.

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