Metal Spinning Service

Metal Stamping for Kitchen, Laundry and HVAC Equipment

The process of transforming flat metal sheets into various shapes by placing them on a tool and die surface in a stamping press is called metal stamping or pressing. Custom metal stamping is employed when making a variety of appliances in kitchens, laundry and the HVAC equipment for homes.

What Are the Various Types of Metal Stamping Presses?

Stamping presses can be hydraulic or mechanical. The types of metal forming can include punching, embossing, cutting, blanking, coining, flanging and bending through a machine press, performed through multi-step or single-step operations. Typically, cold metal sheets of carbon steel are used for stamping. Some additional metal types can range from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and a substrate called Inconel.

What Components Are Created by Stamped Metal?

Metal stamping companies in Philadelphia are producing a number of products and components that are used throughout the appliance manufacturing industry. A few of the metal components used in manufacturing of appliances are clamps, springs, washers, metal plates, bracketry, ground straps, and fan systems. Long run stamping often takes place on a progressive die press and is used to complete multiple metal forming tasks in a single pass through the press. Here are some products made with the help of progressive metal stamping:

  • Brackets and brushing for door and instrument panels
  • Heat sinks and shields with various specifications and imprints
  • Wire forms, such as terminals, rings, links, fasteners, hooks and springs
  • Assemblies
  • Lead frames for microchip management and electronics

What Are Some Sheet Metal Stamping Applications in the Appliance Industry?

Here are a few of the products made with sheet metal stamping in commercial and domestic appliances:

  • Washers and dryers
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Dishwashers and waste disposal units in sinks
  • Pool and spa pumps
  • Garage door and security systems
  • HVAC units and water heaters
  • Thermostats and temperature control units
  • Irrigation and filtration systems

What Types of Metal Stamping Are Currently Available?

Depending on product design, its uniqueness, specifications, development stage and needs, and the production time frame, most metal stamping companies in Pennsylvania offer two types of metal stamping:

  • Long run stamping, also known as progressive stamping and deep drawn long run stamping, is most commonly used and can produce bulk orders at high rates of 800 or more units per minute. It is a fast and cost-efficient method for large volumes, provided the number of units can even out tooling costs.
  • Short run stamping is ideal for the vetting or testing phase of design and development as it does not require a lot of monetary investment. It offers fast turnaround periods and low tooling costs.

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