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Stainless Steel Vessels Found in a Brewery

The brewhouse is the heart of a brewery. Each stage of the beer-making process determines the final quality of the brew. Finding the perfect machinery and vessels can be difficult, but when you work with a manufacturing process designer, you have more options and design capabilities for each step of the brew process. You need an individual approach to making your brewhouse more efficient to make your beer stand out in today’s market.

Perfectionists in Making Vessels

In a complete brewing system, you’ll have many different vessels, from mills to mash mixers, fermentation vessels and filling equipment. These commercial vessels are often customized to each brewer’s requirements. The chemistry that needs to be conducted with precision in the tanks depends on the right vessel, not only for operations, but also for installation and cleaning.

Although many budget-conscious brewers try to convert different tanks for fermentation and other stages of the process, in today’s market, it’s better to use the technology leveraged by commercial brewers who have been through a few brewhouse facilities. The cylindrical vessels that have been proven in the beer industry feature open-air stainless steel tanks, and have been the traditional method of commercial brewing for many years. Cylindroconical vessels have many benefits:

  • Ease of temperature control
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Hygienic recovery of yeast from the base of the cone
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower capital costs
  • Faster fermentation rates

These cylindroconical vessels can be created through stainless steel spinning and should be customized to your brewing process. In addition, many fermenting technologies can be engineered into these vessels, including pressure relief valves and manway doors, which allow for cleaning and inspection of the tank’s interior.

Modern beer-making vessels are almost always constructed of chrome-nickel stainless steel. The surface of the steel has to be as smooth as possible. Crevices in the steel might allow for microbial contamination. In metal spinning for vessels, every aspect of the design process is accounted for to give the brewmeister the best brewing results.

Great beer is created by looking at the small details of brewing. Each connection and interaction in the process has to be carefully evaluated for flavor, body, composition and yield. Choosing the best metal spinning manufacturers in Pennsylvania and your brew process designer is a good step in the right direction for designing the brewhouse that will win medals for your brewmeister.

Make an Investment in Production Facilities

Beer making involves many steps before your customer gets a bottle of beer. When your brewhouse is carefully constructed with engineering best practices and brew technology, you’re more prepped to get the best overall results. Your facility designer should have a good understanding of custom metal forming for the beer making industry. Stainless steel vessels and deep draw metal forming for the mixing equipment makes is a big deal in the production process.

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