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Cut Complex Geometries With Speed and Precision Using Fiber Laser Cutting

Precision is essential when cutting thin metal used in medical instruments, industrial equipment and parts for the electronics industry.The quality of the cut can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the part, and negative consequences if tolerances are not adhered too. As a result, metal fabrication companies place quality and precision as a top priority, but also need to consider other factors to ensure their business thrives. A fiber laser cutting machine can produce high precision of metal cutting for some very complex shapes while contributing to business goals of cost reduction and improved lead times.

3 Dimensional Cutting

One of the most significant ways laser technology stands out among metal fabrication methods is its ability to work in three dimensions if necessary.A custom laser cutting machine using solid state processing can can cut intricate shapes in one pass with amazing precision, which is often an impossible feat for wire electric discharge machining(EMD), the next leading method. To create a three-dimensional shape using wire EMD requires additional equipment and software, which means higher costs and longer processing times. A CNC turning mill utilizes a 3-5-axis motion package, allowing it to cut in two or three dimensions with specialized cutting tools. A solid state fiber laser cutting service uses a beam of light, no investment in specialty cutting tools.


When it comes to speed, nothing compares to a fiber laser cutting service cranked up for speed.We have done over 7 different metal parts from one sheet of 108 inch metal. The computer onboard arranges the shapes to make the most economical use of the metal sheet, minimizing waste.  Other fabrication methods require several passes to achieve the same level of precision and take much longer to complete the 7 different parts.

Laser technology also includes the option to utilize fusion cutting, which introduces gas to the cutting zone during the process. When oxygen is added, the speed can increase up to 50% without detrimental effects on the quality.

Accuracy and Quality

Metal fabrication with lasers can provide the cleanest edges of any method. The intense focus of the laser also allows for incredible precision. Laser technology can create products that have:

  • Exit sides with minimal dross/burr
  • ±0.001 in. dimensional accuracy
  • Less than 0.002 in. cut width
  • Less than 0.3 µm “as cut” roughness

Fusion cutting can also be used to increase the quality by using nitrogen instead of oxygen. Although this is a slower process, the mobility and power of a laser ensures that fusion cutting with nitrogen is still a quicker process than a turret punch press for example.

A laser cutting service proficient operating their equipment can produce high quality metal blanks while ensuring a quick turnaround. Metal fabrication with lasers is transforming the way metal fabrication companies in Philadelphia and meeting the demands of their clients. Custom laser cutting of metal is slowly replacing the way complex metal parts are made today. The additional option of fusion cutting with oxygen, nitrogen or argon as an assist gas can speed up production times but should be allowed specialized jobs due to controlling gas emissions.

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