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Deciding Between Die Stamping and Laser Cutting? Consider This

As a metal fabrication buyer, you may have questions about the differences between die stamping and laser cutting from a quality and economy’s standpoint. There are advantages to each process and knowing what those are can ensure that you choose the right option. We’ll go over how the processes work and why one or the other might be better for your specific purposes.

Metal Stamping Process

Die stamping is a process where a metal die is made according to the final drawing of your part and is installed into a power press that is used to fabricate metal. The die is pressed into the metal to pinch it into the shape that is needed. This type of process requires the right metal substrate and the correct force to stamp, mold and shape that metal. Progressive dies can perform multiple tasks in one pass through the equipment.

Laser Cutting Process

Sheet metal laser cutting involves the use of a CO2 laser machine or a fiber laser cutting service which cuts the metal into a specific shape that remains flat. There is no die required because the drawing is input into the computer of the laser machine. However, this also means that the metal part can only be made into a flat shape. Die stamping allows the shape to be molded and turned into a specific piece that you need.So there will be additional passes through a press brake that may be required to shape the metal part. If your part is nothing more than a flat shape, this may be a wonderful option.

Differences Between Die Stamping and Laser Cutting Service

When you are using the stamping method, one of the disadvantages is the need for a physical die tool to me made by a craftsman. The creation of the die can be time-consuming, requires hardened tool material and can be costly to produce depending upon its complexity.As for sheet metal laser cutting, a technician programs the computer based upon the drawing provided so there are some labor costs and required skills involved but the time and material costs are significantly reduced.

Not all fabricators have opted for laser cutting equipment. The machines are a big investment and the payoff may be years.If your part requires metal forming, bending and other processes, a progressive die stamping company might be better equipped to handle your metal part. If your part requires only blanking, cutting and coining, perhaps a company that has a newer fiber laser cutting machine is a good partner.

The Right Choice for You

The metal part drawing and the sheet metal thickness and quality will be required for you to make the right decision. Not all steel fabrication companies are considered equal and encourage you to do your due diligence. Get a quote, a few testimonials and have the conversations with your partner. Ask if they are an ISO Certified metal stamping company and ask to see their certificate.

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