Metal Stamping

Press Maintenance and Safety is Important

custom metal stamping machineStamping metal components uses very large equipment that has often been around for a few years. To fill orders and reach new customers, managers must work to reinforce a safe metal stamping environment. Everyone who works on or around the press at the metal stamping company must be committed to press maintenance and safety.

Training the Individual

Before anyone can work on a large power press, he or she must receive and understand stamping equipment training. The type of training delivered should include information about wearing personal protective equipment like goggles, steel tipped shoes and learn how to operate the press safely. It should also outline procedures for identifying hazards and reporting risks. Progressive metal stamping requires everyone to commit to both initial training and retraining. With a comprehensive training program, supervisors are confident employees know the safety rules.

Having a Zero-Tolerance Policy

Metal stamping power presses are incredibly powerful machines. They are also very dangerous if someone operates them in a way they were not intended to be used. Metal stamping company supervisors realize they must have a zero-tolerance policy for press misuse or unsafe behavior. Workers also must conduct press maintenance evaluations truthfully, pledging never to overload presses or misuse equipment.

Using Die Blocks and Cable Covers

When trying to stay on track to complete an order, workers may be tempted to use die blocks for other purposes outside of their intended purpose. Simply put, the original die blocks for a project are company assets just as the equipment itself. Die blocks should not be used to stand on, raise bins off the floor or turned in a press to hold it open. When not in use, they should be returned to the tool and die inventory room. Likewise, no safety cable should be exposed. Instead, supervisors must be certain all necessary covers and other protective pieces are securely in place.

Identifying Hazards

To avoid accidents, the press must be free from all hazards, scrap, foreign debris or anything not part of the safe operation of a power press. Everybody on the floor must be responsible for identifying all risks without exception. Tripping hazards, sharp objects, and other dangerous items should be removed as soon as possible. If the hazards are fixtures, they should be clearly marked and included in safety briefings and with yellow or orange markings.

Making Repairs

Keeping the press in good shape is not only good for business, it is essential for keeping employees safe. Machines that have missing safety guards or tendencies to malfunction are ticking time bombs. Managers, shift leaders and supervisory personnel must take safety as a number one priority including all employees who work around the press. If equipment is not functioning properly, it is everyone’s responsibility to submit a work order for repairs. Progressive metal stamping company supervisors should also have the authority to stop work until the completion of a repair. No timeline or due date for a custom metal stamping project is more important that the safety of an employee. If you work for a metal stamping company in Pennsylvania, you probably have an independent 3rd party that helps oversee the safety environment of your metal fabrication shop.

Press safety and maintenance are inextricably intertwined. For stamping companies that are committed to reducing injury, there is no substitute for a safety and maintenance plan.

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