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Coating Metal Pumps & Tubes Extends Their Life

Metal pumps and tubes are critical components of any fluid transfer system. Metal pumps help transport fluid and keep the system they are a part of running efficiently. The metal barrels used in oil extraction are typically made of brass, steel alloys, and stainless steel. Without getting them coated by professional metal coaters in Texas, they can undergo corrosion and premature wear and tear, especially when exposed to outdoor elements such as rain and the corrosive chemicals used in drilling.

The Consequences Of Corrosion

Corrosion in metal pumps and tubes can occur when the metal comes into contact with corrosive substances such as air and moisture. It can also be caused by the chemical incompatibility between the metal surfaces and the fluid being pumped.

One of the apparent results of corrosion is rusting. If you didn’t get your metal parts coated by a nickel plating shop, the outermost part of the metal would begin to flake off. Once the corrosion continues, the underlying surfaces will be exposed, making the pump or tube more vulnerable to damage. This effectively shortens their lifespan.

When your pumps and tubes corrode, this will also impact your entire rig or machine. There will be downtime because you must repair or replace the affected section. And you will need to shell out money to cover the expenses for that.

How Professional nickel plating service Helps

While corrosion can cut short the lifespan of your tubes and pumps, it can be prevented from happening in the first place. You need to develop preventive measures, especially if your environment has corrosion-inducing substances or your metals will inevitably get exposed to harsh like rain and wind.

Nickel is one of the most reliable coating materials available today. With the help of a nickel plating shop in Texas, you can create an anti-corrosion barrier for your metal surfaces.

Electroless nickel coating is the process of depositing an alloy of nickel and another substance (usually phosphorus) onto a substrate (your brass barrels). The alloy is transferred from the coating solution to the surface of an object by submerging the object in a chemical bath. This technique involves the use of an electric current or via chemical disposition.

Here are the benefits of choosing nickel plating service:

Superior resistance to corrosion. Nickel-based alloys are known for their excellent anti-corrosion properties. They can withstand different types of corrosion — whether it’s caused by stress, atmospheric conditions, petroleum, seawater, rainwater, or high temperature. Another great thing is that these coatings are also resist wear. Even if they’re applied to surfaces that will come into contact with other machine components, they will remain intact and properly adhered.

Compatibility with various substrates. When talking about coating metals, you must ensure that the material you choose is compatible with the substrate. The good news is that nickel is versatile. It can be applied to different kinds of metal materials. Not only that, but they can also be easily applied regardless of the geometry of the object — making them an ideal choice for objects like pipes and pumps.

Uniformity of application. If you’re concerned about aesthetics, you’ll be glad to know that most nickel plating services in TX can control the appearance of the deposits on your metal parts. With even thickness and density, you are guaranteed that all areas of the substrates are properly protected.

When you request the help from capable industrial metal plating services, you can rest assured that the nickel plating process is done to the highest industry standards, thereby maximizing all the benefits of this coating technique.

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