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Electroless Nickel Plating Process Using a Composite Diamond Coating

Electroless Nickel Plating is the process of depositing a nickel-alloy coating without the use of an electric current and occurs instead through an autocatalytic reaction.

Diamonds have always been recognized as the hardest element and has anti corrosive properties. Therefore, diamond composite formulations of the electroless nickel solutions has become a premier product used by metal finishers around the globe. Composite Diamond Coating® (CDC) is a patented coating of ultra-fine diamond particles within electroless nickel metal that was developed by Surface Technology Inc.  In principle, CDC provides a practical and economical solution to protect metal parts against the harmful and costly effects of corrosive elements found in most industrial and commercial applications.

Features and Benefits of Composite Diamond Coating

Composite Diamond Coating® is a flexible formulation that can be applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. The most common materials that use CDC are aluminum alloys, steels, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, and titanium.

The autocatalytic method of dispersing the diamond particles to the metal surfaces is the electroless nickle plating process. This process allows for a smooth and perfectly even coating regardless of the geometrical structure of each part. Unlike other coating processes, most electroless nickel plating services can guarantee full coverage of the CDC formulation to all exposed surfaces. There are several types of electroless nickel products that metal finishers can use but only one manufacturer of Composite Diamond Coating®.

By applying a hard, wear resistant coating to metal parts, the wear and tear of that metal part is minimized dramatically, extending the life expectancy of that part dramatically. The production costs for manufacturing precision metal parts continues to rise. One certain way original equipment manufacturers can increase the value of the equipment they are making is to increase the life expectancy of that equipment. If equipment buyers hear that a particular brand continues to fail due to wear and tear when compared to similar brands, these buyers will be inclined to seek out more durable options. Bad news travels faster than good news. You don’t want your brand being associated with poor performance.

Electroless Nickel Coatings vs Other Wear Resistant Coatings

There are other wear resistant coatings for metal parts on the market. Carbide coatings, tungsten carbide coatings and metal oxide such as chromium oxide are also very hard and resistant to chemical attack, but the application of these coatings can be challenging, ununiformed or the coatings themselves may not be environmentally friendly. Most electroless nickel bath solutions are carefully composed to avoid damage to the environment and any electroless nickel plating expert will tell you that the process produces a superior coating that any other application.

Not many metal coatings manufacturers make electroless nickel products. Just like not every nickel plating facility does electroless nickel plating. Surface Technology Inc. is the creator and technical leader of Composite Diamond Coatings and other nickel composite coatings.

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