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Electroless Nickle Plating Shop Does Oversized Parts

Look around, metal parts are being used everywhere. Equipment, building materials, tools we use to get jobs done, infrastructure like bridges and brackets. And metal coatings, electroplating, and protective finishings are designed to reduce the metal wear and tear that occurs when parts are exposed to friction, oxidation and chemicals. Ultimately maximizing the lifespan of those metal components. If you’re looking for an electroless nickel plating shop in Texas that caters to larger, longer metal components, Dura-Tech is a strong contender.

What Is Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating (ENP) is a type of chemical deposition method that uses a solution containing nickel ions and reducing agents to deposit nickel onto a surface. It relies on an chemical reaction to transfer the nickel from the solution to the surface of the metal being coated.

ENP has many advantages over traditional metal plating methods, including lower cost, faster production time, uniform coating composition and thickness, and better corrosion resistance. It’s also known for its flexibility. Because it’s an immersion-based nickel alloy technology, it can coat even complicated ferrous and non-ferrous, conductive and non-conductive geometrical surfaces.

Dura-Tech Can Handle Lengths Up To 40 ft.

Most ENP services only accept metals that are three feet in length. At Dura-Tech Processes, you can coat metal parts up to 40-feet long, which is about 13 times longer than the typical accepted length of other shops.

Their 45-year experience hones their expertise in handling longer metal parts. First founded in 1977, the metal finishing company remains at the top of its game when it comes to providing wear-resistant composite coatings for a wide array of applications.

An ISO-certified company and a proud member of the National Association for Surface Finishing, they take pride in their proprietary Durabide® coating brand. This premium product is a superior, more eco-friendly alternative to hard chrome and typical nickel plating solutions. The most popular coating solutions among their clients are composite silicon carbide & electroless nickel, RoHS compliant electroless nickel, and diamond coating composites.

They have also developed mid-phosphorous nickel plating solutions to cater to specific applications. Specifically metal plating for steel pipes and tubes used in the oil field.

But apart from catering long metal parts, what makes Dura-Tech Processes a standout is the array of support services they offer. For a seamless, all-in-one plating solution, they also provide sandblasting and heat treating. With their in-house laboratory, they can closely monitor and guarantee that all your metal parts meet stringent quality standards, offered at the most competitive rates.

A Leading Shop for Your Electroless Nickel Plating Needs

Boasting 45 years of electroless nickel plating expertise, Dura-Tech Processes Inc. is your industrial metal plating company in TX to use if you want to apply premium composite coatings to long metal parts. Though they particularly specialize in plating metals used in the oil and gas industry, they provide copper, brass, and steel coating services that significantly boost your metals’ resistance to corrosion, water, and deterioration.

To learn more about the leading electroless nickel plating shop in Texas, visit You may also reach out to them at 817 473 7888 or Dura Tech Processes Inc. is located at 1204 Antler Drive Mansfield, TX 76063.

Miranda handles the communications for Dura-Tech Processes Inc. A metal finishing company and your go-to electroless nickel plating shop in Texas. Any questions about the company can be directed to Miranda.

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