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Phosphorus Based Coatings For Corrosive Environments

A huge issue many industries face is corrosion. This can be a major problem in incredibly corrosive environments such as drilling, fracking, marine operations to name a few. Researchers have been looking for ways to create coatings that help protect metal materials from corroding. One solution is to coat metal surfaces with nickel-phosphorus composites. These high phosphorus coatings are very effective in resisting chemical and environmental corrosion and can be a great solution for equipment and metal part manufacturers where their products are exposed to corrosive elements regularly.

Why Is Metal Plating Important

Phosphorus is a critical element in many industrial processes, including plating. Plating is applying a thin layer of metal onto a metal surface to protect, lubricate and/or strengthen that metal surface.. A nickel phosphorus coating matrix has several advantages as a coating material, including its ability to bond strongly with both organic and inorganic substances. Additionally, phosphorus-based coatings can form dense, compact layers that are resistant to chemical penetration and oxidation. 

For these reasons, phosphorus-based coatings are frequently used for applications where corrosive chemicals are present and can cause unwanted wear to your equipment. Whether it’s an oil refinery or a water treatment plant, protecting critical infrastructure from corroding chemicals is vital to ensuring safe and efficient operations for years to come. So, if you’re working on a project where corrosion protection is essential, consider using electroless nickel coatings with a high phosphorus mix in your coatings for your plating materials. Not only will they help to keep your systems running smoothly, but these wear resistant coatings also offer excellent long-term returns on investment.

What Types of Electroless Nickel Are There

Several different types of electroless nickel coatings are used for a variety of applications. The most common type is Type I electroless nickel process, a chemical deposition process that deposits the metal onto a surface in an even and continuous layer without any heat required. This type of electroless nickel typically contains between 15 and 20% nickel, with traces of copper and palladium added to promote adhesion. Another widely used type is Type II electroless nickel, which has fewer impurities but relies on a chemical process for deposition. 

Because it does not contain any precious metals like palladium, this electroless nickel can be incredibly cost-effective for specific applications. Overall, many different types of electroless nickel are available, each with its advantages and limitations depending on the intended use.

The Importance of Plating Manufacturing Equipment

Pumps and metal parts manufacturers all agree that electroless nickel plating shops are a critical partner in their supply chain. Often fluid pumps and barrels must be coated with a corrosion-resistant coating to stand up to the corrosive chemical makeups of the fluids that flow through them. Pumps and other metal parts should be coated with nickel with phosphorus-based coatings or composite diamond coatings to protect them from corrosion. These coatings provide:

An extra layer of protection.

Allowing the components to withstand exposure to moisture.


Extreme temperatures.

Other harsh conditions.

Durabide is a nano composite coating that will help extend the life of metal parts, ultimately reducing long-term maintenance costs for equipment owners. Lowering manufacturing costs for companies often appears by extending the life of the manufacturing equipment. Overall, phosphorus-based coatings and electroless nickel plating play a critical role in ensuring that equipment functions safely and effectively for years to come.

In Conclusion

Including a company that provides electroless nickel carbide coating in TX is an essential part of the supply chain. Finding the best alternative to hard chrome plating is often an electroless plating company in Texas that offers wear resistant steel coatings like Durabide. You will also find several anti-corrosion metal coaters in Louisiana rely on Durabide by Dura-Tech.

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