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Bus Rentals – Different Sizes You Can Choose From


Are you planning to go on a trip with family and friends? Regardless of whom you are travelling with or what the size of your group is, charter bus companies have a variety of vehicles you can choose from ranging in size from a mini bus to fancy luxury charter buses for 56 passengers.

If you are looking for dependability, amenities, and comfort, the newer luxury tour buses and corporate coaches built in the last 10 years are highly recommended. These larger luxury vehicles offer the following amenities and more:

  • Improved viewing courtesy of panoramic windows
  • Cold Galleys and Mini Chef Hot
  • Entertainment systems for individual passengers like internet connectivity, iPod connectivity, video, and audio
  • Supremely comfortable seats which are designed ergonomically and have the ability to swivel forming groups of 4

Slightly smaller groups from 24-40 passengers can be transported using executive coaches and Limo Buses. The amenities offered by these vehicles are:

  • Privacy tinted tour windows that are non gliders
  • The ability to customize seating arrangements; from leatherette sofas to a more operational arrangement if you are transporting university students
  • The ability to include specialty lighting, carpeting and/or restrooms
  • An entertainment system that can include a 36-inch flat screen monitor

If you are travelling in groups of 15 passengers or less, the mini- bus is for you.

  • A classy means of transportation for corporate employees, students, and even can even be used for airport transportation
  • A minibus rental means durability. Minibuses serve the para-transit market substantially and are easily customized for handiness.
  • The comfort and safety offered by minibuses are well-received by churches, hotels, small school field trips, and retirement communities

If your group is small and you are planning to travel a small distance, mini-bus rentals are usually recommended. However if you are planning to travel longer distances in larger groups, the use of a coach bus is encouraged. A coach bus can accommodate up to 56 passengers on average. For city tours, double decker buses are popular in places where there are no overpasses or tunnels for these buses are taller than the usual. Long travels gets students bored which is why coach buses are used for school trips. The amenities of a coach bus keep students entertained.

Based upon the size of your group, different choices are offered by most charter bus services in PA. All the charter bus companies in NJ agree that versatility of accommodations is required for a bus company to thrive.

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