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Missing Teeth? Improve Oral Health with Dental Implants

Do you think you’re frustrated with your smile? Years ago some dentists’ drilled lot more of your teeth than was necessary to repair cavities. The result was many of the original fillings your dentists used would fall out and the other teeth are less stable. Individuals would decide on tooth extraction due to costs involved or lack of dental insurance rather than repair or refill the missing fillings. Today it is more common to see baby boomers with missing teeth and they are looking for advancements in implant technology to fill those voids.

Can your Bone Support a Dental Implant Process?

One challenge an oral surgeon in Phila faces is some patients wait too long to address the missing teeth. Bone volume diminishes over time leaving less for the titanium anchors to anchor onto. Yes I said titanium! The screw is just not like any screw you can buy at Home Depot and perhaps they are made from medically pure metal and extremely high grade that is specially made for these procedures. The metal anchor would need to bond for the bone properly and if there’s been bone loss, bone grafting are usually necessary for a more effective osseointegration and improved changes of dental implant success.


Two Stage Dental Implants

Its not all aesthetic dentists in the Philaregion are can perform oral gum surgery and if you require a more advanced operation it’s critical that you ask the right questions before you embark on any type of cosmetic dentistry in the Delaware Valley . The two step dental implant procedure begins with a qualified oral surgeon. During this surgical process the dental implant is affixed into the jaw bone and as indicated, you must have enough bone to work with. Early detection weather you will need a bone graft is very important. The implant screw (anchor) is tightened so that only the top of this anchor is flush with the top of the gum line and bone. The soft tissue is then stitched up and allowed to heal over a few months.

Within your next visit, your oral surgeon will work minor surgery to expose the top surface of the implant, connect a dental implant abutment and start the restoration process by affixing a natural looking false tooth to the implant abutment. Dental implants look so natural and feel so comfortable that you will forget that they are false teeth. Your bone health around the implant also improves now that it has been stimulated and has a new function.

Single Stage Dental Implants
The real difference in this single stage process is that a longer titanium screw is anchored to the bone and the top of the implant is left higher than the surface of the bone line to just below the gum surface leaving the implant head exposed. After the healing occurs, the dental implant surgeon does not need to perform more advanced surgery and simply adheres the new false tooth during your final visit. Both dental implant types have the same success rate. Dr. Robert Levine a pioneer of the Same Day Smile procedure and is just about the most advanced dental implant procedures available today.

Get started today baby boomers by seeking out a implant dentist in Philadelphia that is also a qualified in oral gum surgery. You will find a handful of implant dentists in Bucks County but not all are skilled in gum grafting or bone loss specialists. The American Dental Association’s website is a good place to begin or just start your search in Google with “aesthetic dentist Phila”.

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