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Chipped a Tooth While Playing?

It is normal for young children to fall or trip. Children as young as those in preschool and those in the primary elementary school years will pit their physical abilities with others in the playground and a few will find out that their sense of balance is not yet fully developed in these early years. The rough and free play that kids take part in can lead to hitting a tooth loose by accident or chipping it. If your child gets a chipped tooth, don’t panic as cool heads can take better stock of the situation. A lot of pediatric dentists in Levittown can accommodate children with emergency cases like chipped teeth.

Professionals from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry want parents to know, generally during the celebration of National Children’s Dental Health Month in February, that a chipped tooth is not a cause for alarm.

Here are some examples of the most common types of chipped tooth:

  1. Small chips in the outer enamel of the tooth– Although chips on the outer tooth may be noticeable, it may not hurt as much for your child. Generally, pediatric dentists will only smoothen the chipped edges. Regarding baby teeth, filling in the chip is useless as the child will grow new ones.
  2. Bigger fractures – Based on how deep the tooth fracture is, a chipped tooth can be a source of pain due to sensitivity to hot and cold things. A pediatric dentist may need to do a composite restoration to seal the dentin of the chipped tooth.
  3. Pulp penetrations – A tooth fracture that extends into the pulp of the tooth needs instant attention. This is because bacteria can wind up in the pulp, causing more problems later on. In short, pulp penetration should be seen as a kids dental emergency in Bucks County.

Is it Possible for a Chipped Tooth to Cause a Cavity?

It is recommended that you reduce the risks of cavities in children as the exposed tooth enamel can be a good entry point for bacteria. On the other hand, exposure of the nerve and dentin can also cause pain when triggered by hot or cold drinks or food. If a chipped tooth leads to thinner enamel, tooth sealants may be recommended. Typically, general dentists may not be that great in dealing with patients who are very young. Well, if you are a parent with young kids, you should be thankful that a pediatric dentist in Levittown or a childrens dentist in Langhorne goes through special training after graduation from dentistry and are more capable of dealing with kids’ dental emergencies.

For small cracks, a kids dentist in Pennignton NJ may only lightly touch up the rough parts affected. But, more attention must be paid to the tooth of it starts to turn a darker shade. This could mean an infection or death of a nerve due to trauma.

On the other hand, when the crown of the tooth gets broken and large fractures appear- instant remedies like an onlay is needed. Also, it would be better for you find the best kids dentist Philadelphia who can provide the right measures that an ordinary pediatric dentist may not be able to perform.

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