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Fighting Tooth Decay Starts with the First Milk Tooth

baby-teethAs parents, your children’s health and wellness are among your top priorities, but how much attention and care have you really given to their dental health? Tooth decay is very common in children, but this problem is quite manageable. By using fluoride-enriched dental products, as well as dental sealants, your child can develop a stronger defense against tooth decay.

One of the best things you can do is to instill good dental hygiene in the mind of your children in their early informative years. Sadly, one of the main reasons why tooth decay is one of the most common dental health problems in children is because parents nowadays don’t give their kids’ dental health as much priority as they once did years ago. Dental health experts point out the importance of having children take care of their baby teeth. This is because these teeth hold and secure the places in which their adult teeth would one day grow. Early loss of your child’s baby teeth could lead to complications that are far worse than aesthetics. When kids lose their teeth prematurely due to teeth decay, they are at risk of suffering from various dental complications in their adult life, and could go as bad as heart and bone-related health complications.

As their parents, you have the chance to make your children understand just how important it is for them to take care of their teeth. It should become common knowledge that once your child develops his/her first tooth, preparations for proper dental care should already take place. A good sign in this issue is the rise of the early detection of tooth decay in children. Many experts translate this as a result of more and more children visiting their children’s dentist in Pennington NJ earlier than past generations have.

EarlyDentalcare_01Every pediatric dentist naturally recommends teaching toddlers basic dental hygiene skills as early as when they develop their first milk tooth. A child’s first milk tooth usually comes out within 6 to 9 months after being born. At this point, parents should make sure that they use nothing but the softest toothbrush for their child, and use no more than a pea size of fluoride-containing toothpaste to help strengthen the child’s teeth and protect it from decay. Brushing of the child’s teeth should be done no less than twice a day, preferably after every meal.

In order to prevent tooth decay in Mercer County, parents must take all necessary measures, which in other words mean those mentioned above. Many childrens dentist in Ewing take part in the fight against tooth decay in kids by getting involved with pre-schools and early-childhood learning centers in order to educate the young people about the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene. Looking for the best kids dentist in Pennington would be relatively easy; just ask parents and childhood learning center teachers who among the kids’ dentists around the area actively take part in the education of children in proper oral hygiene. This can also be applied when looking for the best pediatric dentists in Trenton. Getting the right dentist for your children’s teeth is key to giving them the right amount of protection and education against tooth decay and proper oral hygiene.

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