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Got a Chipped Tooth from Biking?

missingtoothKids normally enjoy rough play. Because of this, kids can get into accidents more often than they should. For instance, even riding a bike can lead to accidents. Although parents teach their children how to balance on a bike, they won’t be there all the time to prevent their children from falling off. Well, aside from a scraped knee or elbow, they can also get a chipped tooth.

The primary reaction to falling off from a bike is usually crying. Thus, parents have to get their kids to calm down and inspect the injury. If the injury is a chipped tooth, you parents can reassure your kids that there are many pediatric dental offices in Council Rock that can fix a chipped tooth in no time.

What to do with a chipped tooth at home

The home is not actually the place to fix a chipped tooth. However, you can have a look at the chipped tooth so that you can assess the extent of the damage and prevent it from getting worse by not letting your child eat hard food. Also, you can tell your child not to chew with the part of the mouth where the chipped tooth is. When you notice bleeding in the area, you can apply slight pressure with gauze or a moistened tea bag on the gum line. Pain can be addressed with a pain killer like Motrin which is good for children. Just be sure to remember that fixing the chipped tooth should only be done a certified kids dentist in Central Bucks.

A tooth that has been slightly chipped can be smoothed out by a dentist to get rid of rough edges. But if a large part of the tooth is chipped off, you have to look for the large piece and preserve it in a milk solution or saliva. This will help you keep that part of the tooth intact before the dentist can put it back.

In short, you really cannot do any first aid treatment for a chipped tooth. The best thing you can do is make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.

chipped toothWhat a dentist can do with a chipped tooth

Generally, small chips in teeth do not always need treatment in clinic for kids dental emergency in Council Rock. If the chip is small, a gentle dentist in Bucks County should polish the chipped tooth within a few days. If the chip is big, a kids dentist in Central Bucks should see the tooth within 24 hours. There is a chance that the dentist will suggest repairing the tooth with filling material to prevent tooth decay in Bucks County and to keep tooth discoloration from setting in.

In conclusion, you have remember to take your child for a follow up checkup in the one you pick among the number of pediatric dental offices in Council Rock. The follow up should be done a week after tooth repair has been completed. Completing the repair on your child’s chipped tooth should get him to enjoy biking once again.

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