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It Takes a Family to Raise Young Teeth

Pediatric DentistryIf it takes a village to raise a child, that same community can help educate children and their parents of the importance of good oral health. Tooth decay is the number one chronic disease facing American children. Approximately one in four kids ages two to five have tooth decay, and two-thirds will experience a cavity before they are teenagers.

Breaking the Tooth Decay Cycle

A pediatric dentist can assess your child’s teeth, looking for decay, cavities, and overall health. However, your child’s oral health really starts and ends at home and what they are taught in school. That’s why breaking the tooth decay cycle for children is a team effort between the dentist, parents, and schools.

Early Prevention is a Team Effort

Early prevention reduces the risk of tooth decay. As a village, we can all educate families, caregivers, and patients about the importance of establishing and maintaining good oral health. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentist and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend early tooth decay prevention activities beginning when your child is six to 12 months old. Some of these activities should start during those first six months when the first teeth begin erupting and continue into adulthood, include:

• Oral examination
• Oral health education
• Cavity-risk assessment
• Evaluation of oral growth
• Referral to a pediatric dentist
• Assessment of overall development

Communicating and teaching these oral health activities to parents by a pediatric dental group or a child’s school nurse can educate them about the critical nature of sustaining good oral healthcare.

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Many parents shrug off early dental care insisting that there is not a kid’s dentist near me. However, even a medical doctor can evaluate your child’s oral health. Healthy teeth for kids starts with educating a child’s caregivers about the importance of oral health because ensuring a healthy smile healthy is a team effort. Children learn healthy habits from their parents, and good oral health is an important part of a person’s overall health.

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