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Preventing Chipped Teeth and Other Childhood Dental Accidents

Chipped ToothAccidents are a normal part of childhood, but dental emergencies can be avoided with a little bit of planning. Chipping, cracking, or breaking a tooth is a painful experience that requires immediate dental care. Cuts and abrasions to the gums, tongue, and oral tissue should also receive prompt attention from a dentist or health care professional.

Dental Emergencies Can Happen Anywhere

The playground is often the site of childhood injuries. Even with supervision accidents can sometimes happen. Slipping on sand, gravel or a wet surface can lead to many different types of injuries including broken teeth, a misalignment of a tooth or cause cuts to the lips and gum tissue.

Playing sports is another common cause of kids dental emergencies. Although contact sports are often regarded by parents as the most dangerous types of children’s sports, injury risk is associated with all types of play. For instance:

  • Stray soccer balls can strike a child’s face and head.
  • Blows from elbows, knees, shoulders, heads, and basketballs can damage teeth.
  • Being struck by a softball can cause impact trauma that requires prompt medical attention.
  • Falling during dance, gymnastics, or training can cause facial or oral injuries.

Understanding the various risks faced by children playing sports or participating in athletics will help parents make the right choices regarding preventative protection and emergency management.

Preventative Measures

Mouth guards are used by athletes of all ages and skill levels. These can be purchased at any sporting goods store and may even be available from a kids dentist near me. Mouth guards minimize impact damage to teeth and prevent teeth from harming oral tissue.

Helmets with face guards are essential pieces of equipment in many sports. Make sure that any helmets required for a sport are in excellent condition; cracked, broken, or weak equipment will fail to provide adequate protection.

Chin guards are used in some sports. Among other things, these protect teeth from knocking against each other in a fall or impact.

Parents should acquire each piece of recommended equipment and review proper use with your young athletes. Speak with coaches and instructors if there are any questions about equipment use.

Take Dental Care Seriously

Sports and athletics are an important part of childhood. Lots of fresh air and activity can set a child up for life-long health. To make sure that each child gets to enjoy the positive aspects of these activities, parents should think proactively about safety gear and other protective measures. Knowing how to respond to kids dental emergencies and how to reach a pediatric dentist near me will help ensure a good outcome after an accident has occurred.

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