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Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

tooth decayThe 25-year veteran in the dental practice, Dr. Sheryl Radin, can tell you that most of the tooth decay problems that dentists see in patients can be prevented. Yes, even tooth with early symptoms of decay can be treated with a minor procedure that will stop the decay from progressing and getting worse.

What are the causes of tooth decay in children?

Children develop tooth decay because their mouths have naturally occurring acid-producing bacteria. Every time that the children eat food that contain sugar (natural or artificial), the acid-producing bacteria break down the food stuff and the beverages. The problem starts when the acids are not rinsed off after meals. If not rinsed off, these acids will dissolve the outer layer of teeth. This starts the decaying process. What are the most common drinks that cause acid formation in the mouth? The most common culprits are juice, soft drink, formula milk, and other drinks with added sugar.

How can tooth decay be prevented?

Water fluoridation

Water is needed for the production of saliva. Saliva, in turn, is very important as it helps rinse off the sugars in children’s oral cavities. You should remember that water that contains fluoride is more effective in preventing the formation of acids in the mouth. Studies conducted to determine the effectiveness of fluoride in preventing tooth decay show that water fluoridation does reduce tooth decay by up to 60%.

However, there are people who are quick to point out the risks of adding fluoride to water saying that there are some health issues that could arise. But then, backed by more than 60 years of experience and research, the optimal fluoridation level in drinking water has been set in place. Further, the safe amount is deployed to a good number of the US municipal water systems.  If fluoridated water is not available, dentists can provide dentistry for kids for fluoride sealants. Dental sealants can prevent tooth decay and cavities.

tooth decayCalcium supplements

Adding fluoride to water is not the only solution. Many pediatric dentists in Trenton suggest that parents give their children calcium enriched juice and food products. This is because their experience in fixing a broken tooth has given them the chance to see weakened tooth structure. Strong teeth and bones have enough calcium. In addition to taking calcium-enriched foods, limiting the intake of sweets and sugary stuff is another recommendation of the kids dentists in Ewing NJ.

Dental visits

A child’s first trip to the dentist’s office should begin as soon as a few teeth have sprouted. This should be around eight to twelve months from birth. It is this first visit to a dentist for kids in Levittown that will show you, the parents, the importance of good oral hygiene and proper dental habits. Dr. Sheryl Radin, connected with the Kornberg School of Dentistry, wants parents to teach oral hygiene to their kids even when they are still teething.

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