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What Is the Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy?

One of the most fun milestones in a child’s life is when they begin to lose their baby pearly whites. It can lead to silly traditions, such as trying an unusual way to pull out a loose tooth, and funny memories about how the tooth finally came out. That first wiggly tooth not only brings great excitement to the family, but also an important question: how much money should you give your child for a lost tooth?

How much does the tooth fairy pay?

When you were little, you might have only gotten a quarter or a larger molar might have earned a dollar. Unfortunately for your wallet (but to the pleasure of your kids), the tooth fairy’s payments have increased dramatically since you lost any teeth and the increase does not seem to coincide with inflation! The current average in 2017 is $4–$5 in cold hard cash. Some parents even sweeten the pot with little gifts.

Some parents choose to pay more for the first and/or last tooth than for the rest. You can also use this opportunity as an incentive for your kids to improve their oral care, telling them that the tooth fairy pays more for healthier teeth. Of course, you should factor in your income and how many children you have as you decide on an amount.

Should you keep your kids’ baby teeth?

Did you ever wonder what you should do with all those baby teeth your collecting? It can be impractical, and a little creepy, to keep every single one. If you’re the sentimental type, hold onto at least one from each child. You can store them in a keepsake box, put them in baby books, or give them to your children when they’re older. There’s no obligation, however, to keep baby teeth at all.

What about kids who lose their teeth late?

When your children don’t lose their teeth at the same time their friends and classmates do, it can be a little emotional for your child. Losing teeth is like a rite of passage to becoming a big kid. Explain to your children that everyone grows at different rates and the time will come when their teeth are ready.

If no baby teeth have come out by age 7, then go to a dentist for children in Langhorne or the town near you to ensure adult teeth lie beneath the gums. Even if your kids aren’t late, lost teeth are the perfect time to visit a kids’ dental office. If you don’t already have one you go to, ask a close friend to suggest a “pediatric dental offices near me” andschedule an appointment.

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