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What to Do with Chipped Tooth While Biking

missing-tooth-636Kids are naturally rough when playing. Therefore, you should not be surprised to see accidents happening when you are around kids. For instance, it is not uncommon to see kids getting into accidents while riding bikes. Yes, parents usually teach their kids how to ride bikes when the children are still young. But as expected, children can fall off their bikes in the process of learning how to balance on them. One of the common injuries that kids can suffer from is a chipped tooth.

With a chipped tooth, there may not be a lot of pain. However, you can expect your kid to cry, but that won’t be because of the chipping his tooth. But then again, there are cases when the child will cry when there is pain along the gum line. So be sure to check for that. With a chipped tooth or wounded gums, you do not have to worry. There are pediatric dental offices in Council Rock that can remedy the problem.

What to do at home

A chipped tooth cannot be fixed at home, that you must know. You have to take your child to a qualified kids dentist in Central Bucks. Since getting an appointment with such a dentist is not possible on short notice, you have to administer a bit of first-aid at home.

What you can do is examine the chipped tooth. There is only a slight chipped, your child’s dentist will just smooth out the rough edges. On the other hand, a large chip – like having a large chunk of the tooth removed – needs you to soak that into milk solution or saliva. This will keep the chipped tooth intact and safe from drying out before the dentist can put it back. If there is bleeding, you can apply a moistened tea bag along the gum line to stop the bleeding. You can also give your child pain relievers.

repairing-chipped-teethBut then again, you really cannot do much regarding first-aid measures. You just have to instruct your child not to eat anything hard that could make the problem worse. You also need to tell him not to chew using that side of the mouth.

What a dentist will do

A minor chip is not usually considered a kids dental emergency in Council Rock. In short, with a small chip, you can take your child to a gentle dentist in Bucks County. The dentist will polish the chipped area. For a bigger chip, you need a kids dentist in Central Bucks to fill in the tooth in order to prevent tooth decay in Bucks County and prevent tooth discoloration.

It is also very important for you to take your child to your pediatric dental offices in Council Rock one week after the repair work is finished. This makes sure that the tooth is examined by the dentist to see if it has been fixed well. In short, parents do not have to hover over their children who are still learning how to ride bikes. The parents just have to be there to provide support and to act quickly when their kids do get into emergencies while bike riding.

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