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Knowing the Types of Termites and Termite Infestation

There are a number of significant signs that you are being infested by termites. You might notice some holes in your wall posts with tiny grains falling on the floor, or you can hear hollow sound when you knock on them. If being left unattended, these bugs can literally bring your house down to ruins. Here is some helpful information about the two common types of termites and the corresponding actions to take in addressing the problem.

According to a termite inspection service in Bucks County there are about two common species of these destructive termites: the Subterranean specie and the Drywood specie. The difference between the two is that, Subterranean species normally feed themselves on wood by way of eating the grain in between and then fill the hollow space with dirt. The need for ample amount of moisture made them to do their nest near the contact of soil. The drywood termite species on the other hand make their habitation above the ground. While these pests also eat their way across the wood grains, they do not fill the void like the subterranean does.


Whether subterranean or drywood, these persistent pests sees your beautiful home like a piece of cake; ready to be devoured and subdued. Scientists have long been observing the unique rapid reproductive abilities that make your Do-It-Yourself methods of termite termination turn out to be just a futile effort. Though soapy water or orange oil shows a promising solution to this infestation problem, it is however, not enough when there is already a substantial degree of damage inflicted on your home. Furthermore, when pesticides are applied wrongly by a non-expert hand will add up more harm, and this time, to you and your family’s health.

Only an expert exterminator in Philadelphia can handle the complexities of this termite control task. With their specialized equipment like soil treatment rods and masonry drills, termite treatment specialists in Philadelphia will be able to locate the trails and colony of these pests. After which an appropriate quantity of termidor for termites in Philadelphia will be injected on the identified trails along the foundation walls and even under the concrete slabs. There is also available pest management inspection for business in Philadelphia that will cater termite control among business establishments.

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