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Roaches and Rodents in your Restaurant – Shame On You

Pest infestation can be a persistent problem in commercial facilities and if noticed by clients and patrons, it has the power to destroy a good reputation. Your headache doesn’t stop by ignoring the problem and hoping the bugs or rodents will disappear. Public health inspectors often follow up on consumer tips, especially if you serve food either in an institutional setting or at a local public restaurant. The fines incurred by a less than sanitary report could be just the tip of the iceberg. You should be more concerned about the public relations nightmare when the press reports these findings. Crickets will be the only patrons you will have when consumers find out you have a bug problem.

No doubt vermin like cockroaches, rats and even pigeons frequenting your place of business will leave a sour taste in the mouths of diners for years to come. Your restaurant’s image may never be able to recover. Hospitals, grocery stores and other shopping venues are in for a similar fate if your pest infestation is not addressed immediately. Not all exterminators service commercial property. It is important the commercial pest control service in NE Phila you choose understands the important role they play in client satisfaction.

Commercial and Industrial Facilities have Pests Too

All business owners’ want to get rid of rodents in the warehouse. A well managed industrial establishment should also be concerned about commercial insect control in Bucks County if they are concerned about their employees. The process starts with a thorough pest inspection of your facility and the commercial pest control service should spend some time with your team laying out a comprehensive plan for exterminating your entire facility.

Perhaps your pests are a family of opossum that have decided to set up shop in your business’ attic or a crawl space? Your commercial pest control team should address this problem with Havahart traps in Philadelphia since wildlife protection is important to many. Most food establishments deal with roaches as their primary pest. Common areas to find roaches will be around trash bins, wet drains, outlets, behind the wall expanse or in hollow drainage tubes. Conscientious monitoring and observation should be done in these areas. An ounce of prevention is always better than dealing with a larger infestation problem should you choose to ignore your problem. Consistent sanitation around all work areas can save you a lot of money and embarrassment later on.

The best time to deal with your unwanted guests is now, so take your head out of the sand, accept your business probably has a pest control problem and start seeking out the best commercial pest control service in NE Phila. The best thing a food service operation can do is to hire a restaurant exterminator in Bucks County that has a good reputation and is willing to furnish references from other restaurant owners. If your business is located near a wooded area it is quite possible that you have some larger pests that see your business as a possible food source and the best way to deal with raccoons, squirrels and opossum is to use traps that Hav-a-hart in Philadelphia.

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