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6 Benefits of Powder Coating Your Metal Equipment

Because of its varied applications, it’s hard to imagine a world that doesn’t rely on metal fabrication. This process refers to creating metal parts using different techniques, such as bending, cutting, machining, milling, forming and welding. A crucial aspect of the process is metal finishing. And one of the more popular options of metal finishing is powder coating. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring a coating services specific for equipment manufacturers. 

What Is Powder Coating

Over many years, powder coating services for metal manufacturers has become the go-to choice for metal finishing techniques. Powder coating involves applying fluidized or electrostatically charged dry powder on metal surfaces and baking the metal structure (at a temperature above 196°C) to cure the coat. 

Powder coating is often used as a protective final coat to prevent corrosion. According to recent data, about 15% of the world’s metal product finishes are powder coated. 

What Are Its Advantages

Metal finishing is critical in protecting and prolonging the life of metal assemblies. If you use electrostatic powder coating as your option, here are the advantages that you can reap: 

It enhances appearance. Powder coating services for equipment manufacturers not only helps protect the metal from corrosion, it adds a sleeker and more polished look to the finished piece of equipment. Depending on the end product, you also have many color matching options, each with a semi-gloss, or matte finish. You can also include additives like glitter or metal flake, whenever necessary. 

It provides durability. Thanks to its curing process, powder coating allows metal structures to harden and be coated with a highly durable protective coating. Severe weather conditions can do some damage to exposed metals. All equipment exposed to the elements should include at least a clear coat from a powder coating shop in PA. Most expert powder coaters in New Jersey will agree that any assembly that uses metal fabrication should have some type of surface finishing to harden and protect the metal part. Compared to metal structures that are simply painted on, powder-coated ones last for a longer time. 

Powder coating when applied correctly presents in a smooth, uniform finish. If you want your metal structures to have a consistent look, powder coating is the metal finishing you should consider. With this technique, you can avoid blemishes such as bubbles and dust bumps. You can also guarantee that the structures will come out with an even and smooth surface after the curing process. 

Why choose to hire a powder coating service for fabricators specifically?  Some powder coating companies in Pennsylvania focus just on the automotive industry or furniture industry. Metal fabricators often use different quality of metal alloys in their work and therefore different formulations of paint powder are used to adhere to different metals. 

Powder coating also boasts flexibility — it is available in different colors that are pre-mixed by the supplier. Because this pre-mixing is done using in advance and according to certain specifications. Therefore a heavy gauge steel – nickel alloy used for an automotive car part for example requires a different formulation of powder material than a NEMA enclosure may require. 

The powder coating services for equipment manufacturers is often associated with excellence in quality. So choose your powder coater wisely.

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