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The Main Line’s Affluent Homes

affluent homesAmerica’s nouveau riche constructed mansions stop during the late 1800’s until the early 1900’s in rider to testify their riches. With the amount full of money they had, they can afford to go from one country to another, shopping around for properties, just so one can avoid the seasonal temperatures of the area. Among the properties that these wealthy families owned are situated in Philadelphia, along a place called the Main Line. These are the historic mansions which may be found in the affluent neighborhoods along Main Line:

1. Harriton House

Now recognized as Harriton House’s Education and Administrative Center, the house covers twenty acres of its total area, this spacious plantation encompasses almost seven hundred acres. The house is made of stone, and was once part of an expansive stone barn.

2. Woodmont

Built from 1891-1894, this structure with a Gothic French Fashion was designed for the son of an iron rolling mill magnate, Mr. Alan Wood Jr. He expanded his property across the ridgeline, which started with a barn, a cottage, and a manor house. The materials of the house include stone from the local quarry. The roof also contains towers, gables, smokestacks, and is also considered to be the highest pinnacle of a small mountain range.

3. Dolobran

With the mansion depicting to the late Victorian era, its floor area is over half an acre, stretched across five floors, covering a mildly sloping property. Within fifteen years, the land where the mansions stands grew to a hundred and fifty acres. With the main house architecture depicting to that of a resort architecture, the land caters to golf enthusiasts. Apart from that, other buildings for farming and pasturing are also available.

affluent homes 24. Waynesborough

Owned by the Wayne family, an affluent family during 1724-1965, this country manor stands five miles from Valley Forge. It is owned by seven generations of the Wayne family. Built in glorious Georgian style that exhibit from the Colonial to the Federal period, and from the Victorian to the Colonial Revival era, this home showcases some exquisite architectural design from these era.

5. Ballytore

Designed by Addison Hutton, the mansion itself resembles a European castle due to its fortifications. It is mostly made up of stone citadel.

6. Grange

Constructed in the early 1700, this mansion was often visited by historic heroes with the likes of george Washington and Lafayette.In order to find some Main Line homes for sale, or a list of Lower Merion estates for sale, it is advised to contact a reputable realtor in Radnor Township, who are the ones who are very familiarized with the mansions found in this area. They specialize in assisting clients looking for  home property search along the Main Line.

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