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How Does One List an Urban Home for Sale?

When selling an urban home, it is important that you prepare the house before you get an agent to list it. Many listing agents would opt to list a home when it is in its best condition so it is ready to be photographed and they can start showing it to potential buyers with confidence. The best time to schedule your agent to come over to your house is right after you have mowed the lawn, and when you have done some cleaning inside your home. Below are some tips in preparing your home for a listing agent.

frontwideCreate a Good Curb Appeal

Right now would be the time to complete those home projects that you have neglected or have been putting off for some time. When the agent first arrives at your home, make them feel welcome with an inviting landscape.

  • Trim bushes and trees in front of windows
  • Sweep and clean the driveway and sidewalks
  • Remove trash cans and place them in the side yard
  • Park your vehicle in the garage, if possible
  • Mulch, rake, and weed garden beds
  • Cut dead branches off trees
  • Close your garage door

If you can, put out a few pots of colorful flowers near the front door. A good agent will let you know that these are very important tools for listing a home for sale. Keep in mind that the effort an agent will put into selling a home usually matches the effort put out by the homeowner.

Prepare the Home’s Interior

Your home should have a clean appearance. Everybody has a different take of clean, but this should mean that there are no dishes in the sink; no pet dishes on the floor; no clothing, toys and other items scattered on the floor; and beds neatly made. If there are so many things that need to be put away, storing extra items in one room would be a great solution. The agent will just avoid taking pictures of that particular room. You can also use your garage as a storage place.

  • Vacuum and sweep all floors
  • Take down personal frames and photographs from the walls
  • Sequester children and pets
  • Remove artwork and magnets from the refrigerator
  • Make the beds and tuck in sheets
  • Clean everything on the kitchen counters

imagesWhen half the furniture removed, many homes look so much better. So consider moving out some fixtures, especially those that block entrances and pathways to other rooms. For assistance, find a listing agent in Philadelphia through a simple internet search for options. The best real estate brokers in Philadelphia are completely prepared to get your listing in the market within 24 hours after you have contacted them.

If you can, visit local real estate offices in Philadelphia and spend time talking and interviewing the agents so you can pick one that is appropriate for you. Good real estate agents are selling homes in Philadelphia with great success, whether these are family homes or luxury condos for sale.

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