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There are many ways for realtors to market the homes they are trying to sell and blogging is one of the most topical ways to get the message out. Real estate blogs are growing at a very rapid rate. So if you are planning on creating and running a real estate blog, you need to know what it takes to stand out from the crowd of others. Some of the goals should be to engage and get readers to subscribe, and to also improve your blogs visibility in search engines for the longer tail keywords you could not optimize your website for initially. But before you get started, read on and make sure that you are ready to pledge to some of the most important real estate blogging commitments.


Get a Loyal and Regular Reader Base

Many people will recommend you not feature a specific listing on your main blog. You can put links to recommended listings within the body of the post when relevant to the topic you are writing about. The hope is to portray yourself as an expert in your market by writing not only about the homes you are trying to sell, but also on area events that may impact your readers, government regulations and zoning laws, commercial businesses that may be of interest to your community and things to do in a specific area. Influential guest bloggers may be a great way to attract new readers to your blog.

Write for Your Readers, Not Search Engines

Focus ninety percent of your energy on writing great content that will engage a reader and encourage them to share your post within their network. Page titles, headings and descriptions can be crafted to include your keywords you are targeting but avoid stuffing your content with phrases in hopes of increasing your exposure. If your reader leaves your post because it is poorly written or is too redundant, you have failed in your quest to engage the reader.


Post, Post and Post More Content

One post a month is good, two posts a month is great, but a continuous flow of good quality content should be a primary goal for your blog. Keep in mind that quality is always better than quantity, so if you have to delay publishing a piece of content to complete the required research, that is better than publishing incomplete thoughts. If a potential home buyer is visiting a community new to him, he will most likely be looking for points of interest to get familiar with a neighborhood. Therefore posts about trendy neighborhoods in Philadelphia or about the great meal you had at a local Japanese restaurant in a particular community are great for those readers. You may also get some recognition from the restaurant owner.

Read and Comment on Other Blogs

Remember that blogging is about creating and nurturing a community. There are many Philadelphia real estate agents and real estate bloggers that are publishing good content. Take the time to subscribe to some of the more interesting ones and pick up some pointers for your own blog. Commenting of blog posts is a great way to develop a relationship with local writers. These relationships may prove to be fruitful when seeking out guest bloggers.


But even when you have started your own real estate blog, it does not guarantee that there will be anyone interested enough to read it and subscribe. You will need to earn your readership and a loyal subscriber base by differentiating yourself that does not focus solely on real estate listings in Philadelphia but also adding real value to your growing community.

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