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A Tour to Manhattan Excite Day Trippers

Education and Art stand out having a visit to Carnegie Hall. Since the turn of the century, this venue has been center stage of New York City’s musical performances. With over 200 performances by the world’s finest artists each year, your groups of day travelers are sure to find a concert that will enlighten even your most critical crusader. Carnegie Hall happens to be about producing great music available to as many people as it can be. Group tour bus transportation from Philadelphiaor South Jersey has never so much easier to organize.


The New York City Opera, the Metropolitan Opera and the New York Philharmonic make their home in Lincoln Center. This venue accommodates the young and old from all parts of society and they are extremely accommodating for all those with disabilities needing ADA compliant assistance. Avery Fisher Hall is an acoustical marvel where there is not a bad seat in the house and there are many. It is one of the largest symphonic halls in America with over two thousand six hundred six seats. Lincoln Center is an easy ride for any motor coach in New Jersey.


The Museum Mile boarders Central Park east is between 105th and 82nd streets. Cultural institutions like the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a branch of the Smithsonian called the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum adorn 5th Ave. Upper East Side of Manhattan will certainly delight the group who wishes to immerse themselves in diverse art viewing opportunities. You don’t need a journey planner to map this one out for you as most coach tours in NYC will have a good understanding of these attractions found on the Museum Mile.


Times Square is recognized as the heart of Manhattan for most Day Trippers and therefore most groups coming to New York for a day or even two consider a Broadway performance when deciding on how best to spend their time. From 41st street to 53rd, you can find more than 35 Broadway theaters playing host to one great musical production after another. Extravagant costumes, talented choreography and top quality music accompany most of these performances. Many of the theaters offer matinee and twilight shows allowing you sufficient time for a smooth ride home. Charter buses to Broadway from PAor NJ have become popular nowadays.


There is no shortage of things for your group to do in New York City. The challenge is how we must spend our time this time and know that you can always come back again. You can’t do it all in one trip so it is best to do some smart planning focused around one primary attraction. Coach bus tours in NYC are easy to arrange provided the motor coach company in New Jersey you speak to have that experience of being there before. We find that group tour bus transportation from Philadelphia can be arranged by conducting a quick search on Google for PA charter buses to Broadway . Many of these companies offer an airport shuttle for groupsshould you need to fly into Newark or JFK to start off your visit to Manhattan.


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