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Controlling Termites: Signs of Termite Invasion

Commonly a home owner doesn’t realize that their fabulous home had been invaded by little insects called termites till they start hearing hollow sounds in their wall posts. Neglecting the early signs of a termite invasion could cost you serious destruction towards the structure of your house. Think about getting out of bed one day to find that the window can be pushed out from its window frame with little effort whenever you try to open it up whenever trying to enable the clean air in?

Being a reliable property owner, it is very important for all of us to be aware of the early warning signs of a termite attack and also the equivalent counter-attacks for these kinds of pestilence. Listed below are three termite invasion warning signs and how we recommend you address each warning sign.

Termite Mud-Shelter Tubes

Subterranean termites don’t want to be noticed so one of the 1st signs you may face are the mud tubes these insects make. When termites find ought to travel throughout exposed distances in order to get to a new food source these little insects starts on building mud tubes which will hide the whole way of their trail. These termite mud tubes or also known as shelter tubes are created by the usual subterranean termites among other species. They build these tubes commonly to connect the colony to different food sources shielding the workers from potential predators. You can frequently see termite tubes across the building wall space, around the home posts or in crawl spaces. Although it isn’t often easily identified, under near inspection you’ll find termite tubes around your property. If in case you will see one, you may immediately scrape out these tubes to cut-off their trails. However, this could only be the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the obvious tubes are often times complex networks of termite tunnels which are impossible to fix by an unskilled individual. For this, you can contact a termite inspection service in Bucks County before these termites will further damage your home.

Wood Surface Damage


Soon after creating their mud tubes within your house’s foundation, termites will start eating and creating tunnels in the wooden support beams, subfloors as well as wooden home furniture if given the opportunity. If you notice certain parts of your wood made house and / or furniture have already been gnawed by termites and sometimes hear hollowed sounds when you knock slightly on its surface and recognize the dropping of tiny wood grains. If ever the case is severe and too difficult for you to handle, then you need to employ a skilled exterminator in Philadelphia immediately before it’s too late.

Termite Swarmers


If you notice termite swarmers, then it is definitely not a good sign. Finding a number of flying termite swarmers often shows that the colony is growing too big and that it’s the time the colony spreads. This social activity is also brought on by a time of twelve months where newly mutured males and females go out as part of their mating rituals. These swarmers, normally depart their own colonies to start out new colonies. Seeing termite swarmers doesn’t mean that your house is ready to collapse. Sometimes it may possibly mean that they’re traveling to your home from your neighbor’s house. It is important to contact any nearby termite treatment specialists in Philadelphia PA.

Those are warning signs that you should be aware of. Now you know what to look for, perform some of your own detective work to determine the extent of the complication. Termites are very sneaky and so are difficult to find. Termites can induce huge destruction and we recommend you make contact with your local termite inspection service in Bucks County or search on the internet for expert termite exterminators. Don’t forget to check if they use in their arsenal termidor for termites in Philadelphia as the product has well-known very effective towards the common termite found in our state. It works as being a barrier treatment to prevent termites from attacking the wooden structure in your own home and the treatment often endures up to 10 years. If you have a restaurant or warehouse made of wood it is also suggested that you go through a yearly pest management inspection for Business in Philadelphia for you to ensure that your establishment’s foundation is free from termites.


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