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Creating The Best Community Management Experience

Wentworth’s array of value added services and technology also differentiate them from other management firms. They have the resources and experience as well as the ability to add value, save money and enhance the lifestyle of your community. Realizing that having the right owners association software is vital to property management you will find their property management software at the core of their services and solutions. This tool is the central communication piece for you to engage with your homeowners.

This owner association software, WentworthConnect, was designed and created based on years of research and feedback from clients about what they needed to properly manage their association. Wentworth’s IT professionals are engaged constantly in developing upgrades and enhancements as technology advances and clients’ needs change. WentworthConnect brings transparency and communication to their residential property management services in PA. This software is web-based, accessible 24-7, and is user friendly.

WentworthConnect includes resources such as an Online Community Website. This website is a place for your homeowners community management team deliver quality information about your community and help community members make online payments to their assessments; it also provides a place where board members can access confidential reports, data and information. WentworthConnect includes an Individual Homeowner and Board Member Specific Access in which everyone logs in with their personal email address and unique PIN number allowing administrators ease in tracking work orders and maintenance requests.


This property management company in NJ is committed to long-term sustainability. Going green is good both for the environment and for your bottom line. Other property management companies in New Jersey  are attempting a green and sustainability focus but few have succeeded to the level set by Wentworth. Thier staff includes over twenty LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited associates who’ve gone through the US Green Building Council certification program. However, this knowledge-centric program is not a one-off. At Wentworth property management, we believe education is the key to long-term success. To help this cause, they hire intelligent individuals with great attitudes, and educate them to become the kind of management team you would expect from a world class organization.

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