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Enjoy a Romantic Dinner with the Freshest Ingredients There Is


Whether celebrating a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just a simple date night; a romantic dinner for two is something that is vital among couples all over the world. This is a very effective way to establish chemistry, strengthen a relationship, or reignite a spark that has been extinguished.

The key factor in having the best romantic dinner is the ambiance. A quick look at the top 10 restaurants in NJ shows those that offer the best food and value but some fail to provide couples with the romantic ambience that they need. When looking where to eat near Princeton University, it is important that you consider the key factors of an exceptional romantic restaurant:

Ambience. You should have a romantic feel right from the moment that you enter the restaurant.

Décor. The decorations and furnishings of the restaurant should be subtle, tasteful, and welcoming.

Staff. A very crucial ingredient; wait staff should recognize the need to be attentive yet unobtrusive.

Noise Level.  Music might be a core component in setting the mood, but it has to be ensured that it is neither too loud nor too soft.

Food and Drinks. Quality ingredients that are met with exceptional culinary skills create a very memorable dining experience.

New Jersey Farm-to-Table Cuisine is fast becoming a very popular trend in dining today. This is a type of dining that makes use of fresh, organic, and locally grown ingredients that are transformed by top chefs in New Jersey to create the tastiest and healthier dishes. This kind of cooking goes beyond the American cuisine for foodies, and often supports the local organic farmer. For as long as the key ingredients are prepared within 48 hours after their harvest, it will still fit the criteria. The use of fresh ingredients guaranteed a dining experience that should be just perfect, whether you are looking to enjoy a simple brunch in New Jersey or a romantic dinner for two in Pennington NJ.

Instead of scouring the list of the lavish and expensive top 10 restaurants in NJ for your next romantic date with your special someone, you might want to try the farm-to-table dining experience. The question of where to eat near Princeton University offers a vast array of choices for that exotic and romantic dining experience, from Princeton private dining rooms to outdoor cafes. 

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