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Intense Pulse Light for Cosmetic Imperfections and Repairs

There many people that confuse IPL with medical lasers, primarily because they both use light. However, their difference exactly lies on the kind of light that each of them use, along with their applications. Direct contact lasers use a single light wavelength to vaporize targeted cells. IPL, on the other hand, is made up of multiple and varying wavelengths, which makes them apt for a variety of uses. Filters are just used to pick out the certain wavelengths that a certain procedure calls for.

Brown Pigmentations

IPL has proven to improve skin complexion by evening out the skin color, making it a very good tool to remove those unwanted brown pigmentations. These skin imperfections are caused by the buildup of melanin. What IPL does is that it gets it light absorbed my melanin which the body will convert to heat. This heat will then be the one that will break up the buildup of melanin which will just be eliminated by the body.

Vascular Problems

For any vascular concerns like for spider vein treatment Reno NV, the light that is emitted from the IPL device will be absorbed by the oxygenated hemoglobin and converted to heat energy. This generated heat will act on the destruction of the capillary tissues whose remnants will be eliminated by the body in the form of perspiration or though urine. This pretty much works like in Reno sclerotherapy, only that it uses light. 

Hair Removal


IPL uses the broad spectrum light for hair removal. The light will target hair roots that contain a high concentration of melanin which will then be converted by the body to heat energy. This heat will kill the papilla, which produces the hair in the hair root. This method will not actually remove all the hair in the treated part. Instead, it reduces hair growth in the area and minimizes any future production of it.

Laser skin rejuvenation in the form of IPL is generally very safe and effective. The bad news is that this is not something that patients with darker skin can use. The high amounts of melanin in their skin might lead to the production of permanent scars caused by overheating. Make sure that before deciding to subject yourself into such procedure; it would be best to first consult a reputed dermatologist who will give you the appropriate screening and recommendation in laser resurfacing Washoe City or spider vein removal Virginia City.

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