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Keyword Selection Strategy

Content is the life of any marketing strategy. Content is like a trailer to a movie, it gives people a glimpse of what they are having. If any person wants to try your product, the best way to let them see a picture of what you have for them is having a content that can knock them off their feet. To have a quality content, keyword is necessity. A keyword that is well structured and well searched can enhance the quality of your content. Having the possibility to be known and recognized depends on the keyword used in your content. In creating your content, you must know what is needed in a particular article. As we know, most people rely on search engines for any queries that they have. The key to achieve a top spot on the search results, you must provide a content with keywords that can achieve high traffic. Yet, keywords must also be relevant to the topic or that it will truly cater the searches made by people.

Using the Right Strategy


Before you begin writing your content, you must first define the keywords that you will be using. In formulating one, you can try asking people around you about the probable words or phrases that they will likely use upon searching your business. You should have a variety of keywords that you can work on that is more or less what people will type on search engines. After gathering enough possible keywords or better known as “Market Defining Keywords”, add these to the Google Adwords tool to learn other variables and know the basic traffic information. After receiving this information, gather only those that are relevant to your business and then put it in a spreadsheet to keep track of your work.

For those offline or local business that looks for clients in a specific place, you can incorporate the cities or countries to Adwords tool for a more precise search results. After that, you can easily narrow down your keywords with those having a geographical location. In formulating your keywords, try not to put slangs or jargons that only few people know or recognize.

The Tools of the Trade

Upon creating your website, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and WordTracker are the tools that will truly help you in looking for keywords that are traffic potential. Keep in mind that the keywords you will choose should be relevant to your business where your content is about. Competition is always present for every keyword you opt to adopt, thus, making it hard to fetch people that are potential costumer. But, Google’s auto suggestion may also suggest longtail keyword phrases.

Keyword Selection Psychology

In targeting a potential customer you must put yourself in their shoes. In extent as to buying things, if you were the client, what do you want? What will be the possible searches you will make to achieve your possible result? Sometimes the key to capture people’s attention is to give them something that is close to what they are looking for.

Local search marketing professionals can assess that most people, when searching for goods, will prefer local business. It is more convenient to them to avoid shipping fee, at the same time it will be much easier to communicate when dealing with damaged goods. It is necessary that a good search optimization will include titles and Meta tags incorporating these ideas. With all these in mind, you should try keeping an equilibrium of all that is needed to achieve a more strategic and high quality content.


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