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Living in The Main Line: Comfortably and Luxuriously

Did you know that the “railroad” in the game Monopoly is actually the Pennsylvania Railroad? It symbolizes the rich and luxurious real estates that runs along its course. Taking its pride of being the jewel of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Philadelphia’s Main Line is home to the region’s elite business executives, politicians, and the city’s most affluent individuals. Along the streets of Radnor to Lower Merion, successful individuals realized their dreams and built a sophisticated community around their businesses and homes. This city of Brotherly Love is also home to some of the country’s finest colleges. But what really stands out for most people when seeing the Main Line region are the preserved historic homes, Victorian country estates, magnificent mansions and more celebrities and executives to call it their home.

Breathtaking Bryn Mawr Mansion

Furthermore, since the majority of Bryn Mawr mansions were constructed during the early 20th century, one can also find magnificent large formal living rooms, dining rooms and foyers suitable for stylish venues to spend with visitors to your home. There are also other Main Line Estates for sale found in the Villanova region. Take a leisure drive along Conestoga Road and you will be presented with an array of stately mansions each more breathtaking than the other. For those who prefer the serenity of contoured landscapes, or the excitement of a golf course, the Main Line region boasts three of the most distinguished golf clubs with gorgeous landscapes found at the Radnor Country Club, Overbrook Golf Club and Aronomick Golf Club. Expect to be taken away with the beautiful backyard patios of these estates found along their fairways.

You can also find stylish and historic stone homes inspired by the Colonial, Tudor and Romantic Revival architectural designs that makes the Main Line area a one of a kind region. Among the most valued historical locations are in Bryn Mawr: The Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr College and Villanova University – all of which display the finest of early Pennsylvanian architectures. The most common characteristic of Bryn Mawr mansions vary between having the traditional Victorian center hall plans and those homes with a more asymmetrical design. What is more enticing in these million-dollar estates are its large gourmet kitchens, spacious bedrooms, numerous baths, and elaborate rooms for entertaining guests.

Another grand aspect of these Philadelphia real estate owners are their conscientious preservation of the rich history of Pennsylvania. The streets and the township buildings are meticulously preserved while also being progressive satisfying the needs of the 21st century. One can still glimpse what it looks like living during the 1800’s in Philadelphia’s Main Line. The Historic Society Hill homes are a perfect example of a retrospective living in Pennsylvania during the early 1800’s. The Main Line, of course, also offers a luxurious country living: healthy and full of fun. One can find in the historic homes for sale in Philadelphia arrayed along the streets of Walnut, Lombard and 8th Streets. Living in one of the Bryn Mawr mansions in the Main Line is truly a dream coming true. Either choosing to live in the the Lower Merion township or up the western side of Radnor township, living in the Main Line estates means living in sophistication and unparalleled luxury.

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