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Taking Link Building Strategy One Notch Higher for 2012

Link building is one of the most popular strategies to let your business be known. Yet, as the internet generation progress so as the features it gives. Link building gives you the opportunity to be on top of everyone else making you ahead of your competitors.


Google and Bing, the two top search engines are still upgrading their algorithms to give us a more fresher, accurate, and relevant search results for our queries. On the other hand, S.E.O professionals should work hand in hand with one another as to improve the web community and not let anything be left unexplored. For, the possibilities on the internet are unlimited and so gradual improvements are made. According to research, there have been about 21 changes made by Google and a hundred smaller changes. It is for the part of the S.E.O professionals to determine these changes by that building a more strategic link building for his/her client. But, the old way of link building does not mean that they’re already obsolete, as a matter of fact these old school strategies are very much dependable.

  • Blogging is one the most popular link building strategy, it gives you the opportunity to let people know about your site, it you’re a blogger, or to introduce it to others while visiting blog sites, if you’re a guest blogger. You can edit your blog or even put some links to usher people to your page upon hitting the links.
  • Off Page Content publishing is another strategic way of promoting yourself. With writing a truly compelling content article that that would leave an impression to people. Having a high quality content means that you are an established company and thus having a high reputation in the business thus, attracting more people to try it out.
  • Leveraging Reliable Directories is another way of link building. If you’ve heard of the yellow pages before, this here is another way of advertising your company yet seen on the World Wide Web. In putting your name to search directories, you are enabling the possibilities of people to land on your page. Having a niche and sticking to it will let search engines narrow searches that will more likely point to your business if the link building is strategically made. Also, this will help increase your reputation and the more you upgrade it, the more it adds up to your fame.
  • Strong social graph an S.E.O program that is very strategic in link building. This is the era where almost all have access to the internet and almost all who have access to the internet has a social media account. Social media are helpful to let you create a connection to help spread sites, links, and thus creating popularity. For search optimization, you must always remember to enhance your sight and to have a strategic link building; dofollow links give you an edge. Creating contents for niche that is related to your business can also help in optimizing searches.

Link building strategies help you out in expanding your business. Making it known to the public and gaining reputation for it. This is what you need to have an edge on your field.

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