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Termite Treatment Specialists: Signs of Termite Invasion

Usually a homeowner does not know that their beautiful home has already been attacked by termites until they begin hearing hollow sounds within their wall posts. Ignoring the early signs of a termite invasion could cost you severe damages to the structure of your home. Imagine waking up one day to find that the bedroom window can be pushed out from its frame with little effort when you try to open it when attempting to let the fresh air in?

As a responsible homeowner, it is crucial for us to know the early signs of a termite invasion and the corresponding counter-attacks for such pestilence. Here are three termite invasion warning signs and how we recommend you address each warning sign.


Termite Mud-Shelter Tubes

Subterranean termites don’t want to be seen so one of the first indications you may encounter are the mud tubes they build. When termites find the need to travel across open distances in order to reach a new food source these creatures will start making mud tubes that will cover the total route of their trail. These termite mud tubes or shelter tubes are made by the common subterranean termites among many other species. They build these tubes often to connect the colony to different food sources protecting the workers from predators. You can often see termite tubes running across the building walls, along the house posts or in crawl spaces. Although not always easily identified, under close inspection you may find termite tubes around your house. If you’ll see one, you can immediately scrape out these tubes to cut off their trails. However, this could only be the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the obvious tubes are often complex networks of termite tunnels that are impossible to solve by an inexperienced individual. For this, you can call a termite inspection service in Bucks County  before these termites will further damage your house.

Wood Surface Damage

After building their mud tubes within your home’s foundation, termites will start eating and creating tunnels in the wooden support beams, subfloors and wooden furniture if given the opportunity. You may notice certain parts of your wooden house or furniture have been gnawed by termites and occasionally hear hollowed sounds when you knock slightly on its surface and recognize the scattering of tiny wood grains. If the case is severe and too difficult for you to handle, then you must hire a professional exterminator in Philadelphia  right away before it’s too late.

Termite Swarmers

If you see termite swarmers, then it’s definitely not a good sign. Seeing some flying termite swarmers often indicates that the colony has grown too large and that it is time the colony spreads. This social activity is also brought on by a time of year where newly mutured males and females venture out as part of their mating rituals. These swarmers, usually leave their colonies to start new colonies. Seeing termite swarmers does not mean that your house is ready to collapse. Sometim

es it may mean that they are traveling to your property from a neighbor’s house.  It is important to contact your local termite treatment specialists in Philadelphia PA.

These are warning signs that you should be conscious about. Now that you know what to look for, do some of your own investigative work to determine the extent of the problem. Termites are very sneaky and are difficult to spot. Termites have the ability to cause major damage and we recommend you contact your local termite inspection service in Bucks County  or search online for professional termite exterminators. Be sure to check if they include in their arsenal termidor for termites in Philadelphia as this product has proven very effective against the common termite found in our region. It works as a barrier treatment to prevent termites from attacking the wood structure in your house and the treatment often lasts up to 10 years.  If you own a restaurant or warehouse made of wood it is also suggested that you undergo an annual pest management inspection for Business in Philadelphia so that you can assure that your establishment’s foundation is free from termites.

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