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The Farm to Table Movement: Eating Fresh and Quality Produce

The Farm-to-Table Movement is a faction that aims to change this rather unhealthy way of coming up with farm and pasture yields. They work on the ceasing of the use of harmful chemicals that is not only damaging to the environment but can also be potentially damaging to the consumers. This movement encourages consumer organic products that were grown naturally without the use of these harmful products.

In order to come up with the freshest possible produce and livestock the natural way, any form of additives must not be used to facilitate their growth. Yields from organic farms have proven to provide more health benefits when compared to the others. The advantages push people and restaurateurs to willingly pay the little extra in order to acquire ingredients that were grown organically. The reason why organic products are priced higher is because they have been grown in a controlled environment. Shipping them from the local farmer directly to the customer will also require additional costs and, this, the need to price it a little higher.

Chez Pennise’ Chef Alice Waters in Berkeley was actually the founder of this movement. During the 1970s, Chef Waters started cooking her food by using only those ingredients that are locally produced in their area. Also, she had made sure that she cooks and serves the meal within 24 hours after they have been harvested. This resulted in food that was better tasting as compared to those who raw ingredients spent a very long time in freezers. The advantages of using fresh ingredients were what this well-known chef would want to impart to those people who have dined in her restaurant.


“Locavores” is a term that refers to those people who only eat local produce and are supporters of the Farm-to-Table American Cuisine Movement. These people are very active in their wishes of replacing chemical fertilizers with organic ones, along with the proper treatment and feeding of animals in pastures.

Farm-to-table dining would be a very god opportunity to consume fresh and organic products that are completely free from any sort of fertilizers and pesticides. Following the movement, you will not be living in fear knowing that all the food items that you are consuming are free from any harmful chemicals. Further, cattle animals are also being treated humanely and not subjected in facilities where they are forced to become leaner and meatier.

The Table-to-Farm Movement is actually a very good idea to actually steer our diet to a healthier direction. It would be a nice though to go into a nice restaurant in Princeton or Central Jersey restaurant private room that offers dishes that are made from the freshest ingredients. If you are looking for places to eat in Mercer County, look for a New Jersey organic restaurant that offers a menu for Sunday brunch whose raw materials have been grown organically. 

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