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Tiny Needles Give Beautiful Faces to People

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? It cannot be denied that age and stress do take away the youthful glow of your face. This is why it gets harder for you to ignore the signs of aging like wrinkles. When you were younger, you just didn’t have to worry about them. But now that you are aging, crow’s feet, laugh lines and wrinkles are just a few of the things that affect your overall look.

However, when you make use of tiny needles and the product they contain to slow down the aging process, you can get a reprieve from looking old for a little bit more. You just cannot give in to aging. You must take advantage of the latest aesthetic medicines to give you the assurance of combating skin problems like fine lines, facial scars, wrinkles and skin discoloration. Today, it is easier to get non-surgical treatments for wrinkles because they are now more affordable.

What are these affordable non-surgical procedures?

Well, regarding the most common skin tightening treatments, we have two: synthetic dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm and Botox.

1. Derma Fillers – Derma fillers are used to treat crow’s feet and unwanted facial wrinkles. These problems are related to the breakdown of facial tissues or skin resorption. If you prefer this treatment, you can choose between two methods:

a. Temporary fillers – These are fillers that are directly applied in the superficial part of skin. Its purpose is to fill the wrinkling of facial lines and to give you more young-looking contours.

b. Permanent fillers – These fillers differ from temporary fillers are they are applied into the fatty tissues of the skin. This means that the fillers are applied just above your facial bones. The purpose of permanent fillers is to stimulate collagen production. Why? Collagen gives your skin the right plumpness.

Juviderm Lip Injections in Philadelphia are commonly applied on the Nasolabial folds to get rid of smile or laugh lines. Another popular dermal filler in Bucks is Restalyne skin tightening. This treatment is used for getting rid of lines around the lips: marionette lines and lipstick lines. You can see instant results when you use this treatment but you may have to deal with swelling within the first 24-48 hours.

2. Botox – this skin tightening treatment is called Botulinum toxin Type A. This substance is FDA-approved and is used for a lot of cosmetic procedures. Thus, it is safe for most adult women. Botox treatments in lower Bucks are also done with tiny needles. The tiny needles contain a solution of Botox. This is then administered into the affected area or areas. Generally, Botox is used for the following:

a. Wrinkles in the forehead
b. Wrinkles along the corner of the eyes
c. Frown lines between eyebrows
d. Wrinkles in other various facial areas like on mouth and nose
e. Hyperhydrosis

With Botox treatments, the muscles can stay relaxed. Plus, the cosmetic procedure takes only a few minutes. Its effect can last up to four months or more. However, you may have to go for repeated appointments to keep up the youthful effect.

As a general rule, the risk factors involved in skin tightening treatments are radically cut down when the aesthetician is well-trained and is experienced. But, you must take note that some patients do suffer from harmful side effects from Botox treatments in lower Bucks. Then again, these side effects are brought about by non-sterile equipment, mishandled injection procedure or allergic reaction to the formula. This means that you have to look for licensed diet and weight loss doctors, aestheticians or dermatologists to do the procedure. So, when you feel like you need Juviderm lip treatments in Philadelphia, you have to look for the right professional for the job.

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