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Water Damage : Avoiding Common Mistakes

This past winter has tested our patience with record amounts of snow, ice, and rain. Severe weather conditions like these can cause havic on our homes, causing flooding, leaks, broken pipes, and mold.  Many homeowners experience some sort of water damage due to these natural causes and in some  cases like leaky faucets and overflowing sinks they can be easily remedied with the help of a hairdryer or dry-wet vacuum.  But when it comes to more extreme forms of damage like broken pipes, flooded basements, backed up toilets, or rain water flooding it is best to call for the services of a professional water damage restoration  contractor.


Professional water damage restoration contractors understand the best methods to use when it comes to handling the problem and restoring a property to pre-loss condition. For more complex flood related cases, they use high tech water extraction equipment to clean. With the help of this equipment, they get all the water in the affected area out and then trace the cause back to the main reason why the damage occurred so that the problem may be resolved.  Water damage repairs can be quite expensive, especially if your property was effected by heavy flooding or your pipes had a severe leak.  But professional water damage restoration contractors can restore your property to its old charm without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are three of the most common mistakes that home owners make when it comes to restoration efforts.

Hiring the Wrong Restoration Contractor

Many times insurance companies will suggest low cost contractors whose company may not provide the best quality of work. If this happen, do not feel obligated to hire the company that is introduced by your insurance company. Inferior work can cause problems in the future. Look for qualified water damage restoration contractors that will deliver quality service and do the job right the first time; preventing issues in the future.

Waiting Too Long To Start the Restoration Process

One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make when it comes to water damage restoration is waiting too long to begin the actual restoration work. For example, if the carpet on your floor is submerged in water, there is a high probability that mold will form. Storm damage mold cleanup in Langhorne , like other towns near rivers and streams, must start ASAP after the treat of toxic mold has been realized. Many restoration companies offer mold cleanup services although some are better qualified for these tasks than others. A mold remediation contractor in Philadelphia  Requires special certification from the Environmental Protection Agency and other local governing bodies in the state. 


Picking the Right Contractor

Typically a fire, flood and smoke cleanin  company is not equipped for toxic mold removal. It is important that the company you choose has the correct water extraction equipment  to ensure that the wateror mold issues are effectively resolved with as little expensive and inconvenience to you, the homeowner.

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