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Language Disorders Impact Academic Success

Academic SuccessDuring your child’s formative years, the lessons learned in school will benefit your children as well as you by helping them become a strong, self-reliant person. Making the most of this time will require you to totally commit to their academic success. Unfortunately, speech and language disorders can place frequent roadblocks along the learning pathway. These problems are in no way the fault of your child, yet can end up exacting a devastating personal toll on him or her. Fortunately, you and your child are not without assistance in overcoming these challenges.

Connecting Communication Issues with Poor Scholastic Performance

Why is it that speech and language disorders can have such a dramatic impact on learning? Education is contingent upon effective communications. That includes not only the way that lessons and concepts are communicated to your child, but also how he or she is able reflect those teachings back to their teachers and peers. Depending upon the particular disorder your child struggles with, he or she may have issues with:

  • Expressing him or herself both orally and with the written word
  • Interpreting information for processing
  • Understanding non-verbal gestures and cues
  • Retaining the attention needed to complete assignments and tests

As these issues in effectively communicating begin to manifest themselves, he or she may misunderstand these struggles as being problems with his or her level of intelligence. This may cause them to become withdrawn, making it even more difficult to engage with classmates and forming those relationships that make school enjoyable.

Coordinated Care is the Key to Improvements

Such challenges are not insurmountable, however. The key is recognizing that issues exist and having your child assessed to determine the nature and extent of his or her disorder. With that information in hand, you can then coordinate with teachers, speech-language pathologists in NJ and your pediatrician to develop an action plan aimed that improving your child’s communication skills and academic performance. Integrated treatments can then be delivered in conjunction with his or her schooling so that he associates overcoming speech and language obstacles with scholastic achievements.

Tackling speech and language issues early will help guarantee your child has the best chance at academic success. Don’t think that if you can address the language processing disorder treatments during the primary school years that they cannot be overcome later on. With the help of a qualified speech therapist for teens, and a few well-chosen special education reading programs can provide the assistance that he or she needs. No matter the age at which your child begins to combat the challenges posed by their disorder, you both have access to the resources necessary to deliver personal and academic success.

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