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The Most Common Credit Mistakes that College Students Make

College students are still learning how to manage their finances. At this point in time, their most common concerns are to pay for college, adequately earn spending money, and get a good education. These are hard enough goals to achieve, which leads these young adults to commit costly money mistakes that will haunt them for […]

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Loans on Poor Credit

The thinking that having poor credit makes it next to impossible to secure a loan is wrong. Any person with poor credit can still get cash through loans. Yes, if you are one of these people, don’t lose heart! There are loans for people with bad credit. All you need to do is find a […]

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Poor Credit? You Can Still Get a Loan

The notion that a poor credit standing makes you ineligible for a loan is wrong. Anyone with bad credit does not have to stay that way. That person still has the chance to recoup his losses by getting a loan. What this basically means is that a person with poor credit does not have to […]

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Why Join a Credit Union?

What is a credit union? A credit union is a cooperative financial institution. It is a non-profit organization that is owned and controlled by the members. A good number of the people who belong to a credit union share a commonality  such as working in the same company or attending the same church or place […]

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