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Managing Childhood Fear of Dentists

Fear of the unknown is a real emotion, whether you are an adult or a child. But for children, who have no control over the situation, the fear of the unknown can be traumatic and distressing. Many children react to fear with panic attacks and tears when they are told they must visit a dentist […]

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What Is the Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy?

One of the most fun milestones in a child’s life is when they begin to lose their baby pearly whites. It can lead to silly traditions, such as trying an unusual way to pull out a loose tooth, and funny memories about how the tooth finally came out. That first wiggly tooth not only brings […]

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Trenton Mercer Airport Causes Noise over Yardley Borough

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), created in 1958, is a regulatory agency that has long been known to protect the public, insisting safety standards for commercial airlines are adhered too. But with the Trenton Mercer Airport of Mercer County, this might not exactly be the case. In fact, a lawsuit was filed in Federal District […]

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