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Analog E&M Radios Are Now over IP Networks

In the US telecommunications industry, one of the traditionally used types of line signaling is E&M. With the advancement of technology, E & M over IP is now available to make signal transmission more robust, reliable, and secure.  What Is E&M Signaling E&M signaling is when a direct-current signal is sent along two separate leads, […]

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Key Elements of Dispatching Software

In a fast-moving society, having a reliable radio dispatch system is essential for organizations with delivery operations. From food and beverage businesses to e-commerce ventures and other logistics providers, many rely on radio dispatch or a PTT over IP system to deploy their drivers cost-effectively and promptly to the field.  A dispatching software is designed […]

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Dispatch Consoles Need to be Compatible, Customizable & Scalable

In any public service sector or field service industry, no matter what the size of the organization is, communication with your remote employees is key. Especially if you’re managing huge operations. You will need to have a command center and mobile configuration that has reliable radio communication channels. This is where a properly configured dispatch […]

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