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Best Way to Apply Nickel Coatings to Metal

Coating metals boost their resistance to different forms of damage — from corrosion and abrasion to chemical damage. If you invest in wear resistant steel coatings for your metal parts, you also improve the metals’ strength and durability while giving them a polished look.  One of the most popular coating materials is nickel. It’s primarily […]

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Benefits of Surface Coatings in the Oil & Gas Space

As gas and oil are ever-present in the modern industrialized world, protecting the equipment used by players in this space is critical. Protective layers coating can prevent surfaces from getting damaged by harsh environments. And in the process, these measures help prolong the equipment’s lifespan and preserve its functionality. Electroless Nickel Plating One of the […]

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Electroless Nickle Plating Shop Does Oversized Parts

Look around, metal parts are being used everywhere. Equipment, building materials, tools we use to get jobs done, infrastructure like bridges and brackets. And metal coatings, electroplating, and protective finishings are designed to reduce the metal wear and tear that occurs when parts are exposed to friction, oxidation and chemicals. Ultimately maximizing the lifespan of […]

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