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Electroless Nickel Plating for Complex Geometries

In the world of industrial manufacturing, the need for protecting metal components from wear and corrosion while maintaining structural integrity is paramount. One remarkable solution that has gained widespread recognition for achieving this balance is Electroless Nickel (EN) plating. Specifically, when it comes to coating intricate and complex geometries, EN plating emerges as an exceptional […]

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Metal Finishing for Steel Tubes & Pumps

Electroless nickel plating (ENP) is one of the methods used to finish steel tubes and pumps. Businesses rely on industrial coating services to protect their metal surfaces from corrosion, enhance mechanical properties, and improve the integrity of the overall structure of which the tubes and pumps will be a part.  Before ENP, people would use […]

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Phosphorus Based Coatings For Corrosive Environments

A huge issue many industries face is corrosion. This can be a major problem in incredibly corrosive environments such as drilling, fracking, marine operations to name a few. Researchers have been looking for ways to create coatings that help protect metal materials from corroding. One solution is to coat metal surfaces with nickel-phosphorus composites. These […]

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