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Know the Most Common Signs of Canine Cancer

Just like with humans, cancer can happen among animals. There are certain dog breeds that are more predisposed to developing it because of certain environmental and hereditary factors. Dog breeds that are at risk at developing cancer include Golden Retriever, Labrador, Boxer and Rottweiler. Cocker Spaniels and a few terrier breeds are also prone to […]

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When Your Dog Needs a Veterinary Specialist

If you notice that your dog is not his usual self, it most probably needs to see the veterinarian. However, a vet can only do so much to help your dog; in this case, a veterinary specialist. A vet specialist is an individual with advanced training and experience in animals. These specialists focus all attention […]

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What’s that Lump on Your Dog’s Leg Signify

If you have an aging pet, you might have noticed lumps or bumps appearing in parts of their bodies. And if you are like any typical dog owner, you might have thought that it is cancer. But without a diagnosis from the vet, there is no way to accurately assess the lump, as merely feeling […]

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