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Inspiration for New Pet Products Often Come from Pet Owners

If you’ve got a furry friend, he’s no doubt a part of your family. The best ideas for a new product come from people like you that are inspired to improve your life, the lives of others and that includes your pets. Think about how you can take better care of your pet by inventing […]

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The Secret to Innovative Product Design

If you want your company to be a leader in your industry, it’s essential to have a constant flow of creative ideas that lead to innovative products. Some companies may struggle to come up with new ideas that lead to successful products. There are some ways you can help promote creative thought in your staff […]

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Visionaries Need Help To See Products Come To Life

Most inventors are visionaries that have been inspired to create something they believe to be useful. Often the idea stems from a specific encounter where they saw or used a device that did not perform as effectively as the inventor thought it should. Sometimes the inspiration comes to this visionary through a colleague that describes […]

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