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Types of Pressure Vessels: What You Need To Know

Useful in various applications, pressure vessels are enclosed containers designed to hold liquids and gases at a pressure level that’s significantly different from that of its immediate environment. Quality pressure vessel fabrication is a must to ensure that these product containers can prevent product loss under extreme pressures without damage to product or system.  In […]

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Hydrogen Compression Fundamentals: Here’s What You Need To Know

Hydrogen gas compressors are used across several industries. From semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace application, energy production and hydrogen filling stations to businesses that utilize oil, gas, and pharmaceuticals. While there are different types of compressors, these high pressure vessels have one goal- to pressurize hydrogen gas and transform it into a more manageable liquid state.  Hydrogen, […]

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Helium Gas Recovery: Here’s How It is Done

Customization is born out of highly specific needs. With the rising scarcity of helium, the challenge now is for helium compressor manufacturers to devise ways to recapture, conserve, and recycle this precious resource.  Helium: A Scarce Noble Gas With its low boiling point and small atomic diameter, helium is a noble gas with wide-ranging industry […]

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