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Is Too Much Floride a Problem?

Dental fluorosis is a cosmetic condition affecting the teeth that’s caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first years of life. This is the time when most permanent teeth are formed. Once your child’s teeth come out, those affected with fluorosis appear mildly discolored, mostly with lacy white markings only dentists can detect. In severe […]

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Oral Health for your Kids

A specialist who deals with the oral health of children is called a pediatric dentist. Being of very young age, it is understood that children don’t have serious problems with their teeth, thus making it obvious that the job of pediatric dentists is more about preventive care. This particular field in dentistry focuses on the […]

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Got a Chipped Tooth from Biking?

Kids normally enjoy rough play. Because of this, kids can get into accidents more often than they should. For instance, even riding a bike can lead to accidents. Although parents teach their children how to balance on a bike, they won’t be there all the time to prevent their children from falling off. Well, aside […]

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